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Theology of Rock Music

I have crossed over to the Dark Side. Elf and Emperor have now heard "We Are the Champions" by Queen and are singing, singing, singing the chorus. Especially the "no time for losers" part. They seemed so enraptured by this that I decided they could also listen to Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven. I let them listen separately so that I could interview them to see what they thought.

Emperor thought that the "lady" in the song symbolized old church, trying to buy the stairway to heaven. (I think he means the Catholic sale of indulgences.) He is not sure about the middle verses. He thinks the "rock" at the end of the song symbolizes Jesus and the True Church, which does not "roll."

The "west" described in the song is, of course, indicative of the decline of society. All the cultures (like the Elves in Lord of the Rings) go west at the end of their age. Just as we Americans went west and just look at us now.

Ok. Thank youuu, Emperor. Now for Elf. What, Elf, did you think about this song?

"Well," he wanted to know, "what exactly did EMPEROR have to say about it? Let me know that and then? I will tell you my answer." Nope. Tell you what he said after you tell me YOUR interpretation.

Elf sat quietly and did that Vulcan "pensive" pose before singing, "Oooh, it makes me wonder..." and that he has really absolutely no idea. The song was in English but it made no sense to him.

I'm not sure I can explain all this rock music, either, but if Elf is going to school next year, he probably ought to have heard a few songs through first so that there isn't too much culture shock. The only other rock song they know is "Oops, I did it again. I pooped on the floor and I peed in my pants." And... just that part of the song. Did I mention that I pulled them out of school in kindergarten and first grade respectively? Wonder what the kids listen to now.


  1. Lol! Interesting to read both their perspectives!

  2. All the people I know in their 20's and early 30's tell me that rock music sounds so "old-fashioned," and that most of them now like the "hip-hop" sound. I personally like most types of music, but have never liked hip-hop. I'm just waiting another 20-25 years until the next younger generation finds hip-hop old-fashioned and has something new that I hope I will like better, too!

    Eileen, Elem. Teacher

  3. ...speaking of awesome music... how about some World of Warcraft techno remixes? Such as... No King Rules Forever.


  4. I guess you could listen to the top 40 countdown each weekend... but you may have alot of splainin to do... or not. I let my kids listen to whatever they want, but I also delve into lyrics and explain it to them... Many are unsavory once you evaluate the lyrics, but I tell them, if you are doing to listen to garbage, you need to understand what you are hearing.

  5. I think Emperor should have a regular post on his interpretation of assorted rock classics. Would like to know what he thinks of the piper, the shadows taller than our souls, and the lady's white light.

    It is a song I do enjoy. Not necesarily a must-have favorite, but a reliable "I enjoy this" type of song. As many times as I've listened (and sung, badly) to it, I have always been encouraged by the idea of there still being time to change the road one is traveling.


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