23 February 2011

It's Your Life.

Of course it is. Your parents went through a time where they wanted their own lives as well. This post is for a child whose parents love him very much. Ahh, teen years. Do you remember 'em fondly and wish you could go back? And can you believe the songs we listened to are now "oldies?"


  1. No, no, no! They're not "oldies." They are "retro." No one can tell me otherwise. ;o)

  2. This seems ironic ... I log into blogger and see there are new posts from people im following, i go through the list real quick and see this one.

    I think the song says it right, it is my/your life, DONT YOU FORGET IT! lol, i actually liked the song (:

    PS it is called "Retro", oldies is the 60's and older ;P

  3. I was 5 years old then. The music I listened to was in the 90's. At least what I heard on the school bus. I did think New Kids on the Block were pretty hot though. :D Their music melted my heart. Looking back, Eek! Their hair and stuff. That's back when it was popular to wear biker shorts with a baggy tshirt. hee hee


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