04 February 2011

Tea Sets and Tiny People

It makes G very sad. He wanted to be the one to present his little sister with her birthday gift of a basket full of tea party things. She was so happy! She got all the things out and organized them and chatted with G about the different plates and cups. SO cute. G wanted to play with her, but the tea set items kept slipping through his fingers. The tiny little handles... he couldn't even pinch them in such a way that they wouldn't fall. Here, the girl finally got little cups and things that weren't too BIG for her, that she could handle so nicely... but it didn't work for big brother. That was discouraging.
Later, G finally had an opportunity to use one of the new mugs, and his fingers don't fit through the handle. He had to cup the mug oddly, and it was awkward. He was sad. Someone at a Chinese restaurant told him that he was "too tall," and that one offhand comment really hurt his feelings. He feels a bit better that I have given him my old BIG mug. He has been feeling very down lately for a number of reasons. He is going through a very hard time and that's all the detail I feel I can go into. Will you pray for him? It's more than just the mugs, obviously. It would be nice if all of the family could get along, and G could get the support that he needs from the community. Some important people in his life have failed him of late.


  1. Praying for all of you. I wish we were all better at seeing into each other's brains and understanding each other's hearts. Sadly, we are only really good at judging other people's behaviors based upon our own brain's reality -- causing a lot of clashing even in families and communities.

  2. Yeah. I knew you'd get it. LOL though it might read a bit cryptically to others. :)

  3. PS I wish I could have some of that insight though and be able to truly communicate. :(

  4. I hate when people make comment to our children about their bodies! Someone told my son he had a fat belly. Now my sonis constantly saying he is fat! Ugh!!! Praying for you guys.

  5. I'm sorry to hear that. Growing up is so hard already without others casting careless comments onto our children and making them feel badly about things that are absolute blessings.

    G is tall and closer to God than most of us. (My Gram told me that about myself when I was almost 6 feet tall and only in the 5th grade)
    G might have large hands that make tea parties hard for a big brother, but he has a heart of gold to want to share in his little sister's imagination and play with her.
    G is undoubtedly just how He has meant for him to be...there is a reason for everything.
    Some days life just seems to sit on your until you are screaming uncle. Prayers over here for a special young man called 'G'.

  6. oh this not only makes G sad, it makes ME sad. Praying for all of you!

  7. ♥♥♥Hugs♥♥♥ Life is tough all round.

  8. So sad for G... I am thinking of him.
    He's very lucky to have such a wonderful Mum and Dad...and the cutest wee sister.

  9. only God won't let you down little guy! praying for you!


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