15 February 2011

What I've Been Doing

It doesn't look all that much effort was put into it. It just seems like a few stacks of books on a shelf, right?? But I've been going through stuff I have stashed away downstairs and bringing it up and organizing it. I've also been bringing down books and materials we're done with this year. I'm telling you, this process is still ongoing and it's been days. On display here is pretty much all we'll need for next school year except for math (which was being used at the time I took this) and art and an empty spot for "stuff I'm buying at the curriculum fair." It sounds as though other folks are organizing their homeschool rooms, books and materials at this time of year as well. :)


  1. I'm so impressed with your organizational skills! Now you can come and do mine. ;-)

  2. Lookin' good!

    Swing by 'my place'....I have an award and named you as a winner. :)


  3. Looks GREAT...its always nice to be well in our case feel organized! I just did mine a few days ago and cleaned and made space for all our new things! you would have been so helpful(:

  4. Looks great! I need to do this in the worst way.

    I am not going to stash some of my old things downstairs thought... to the trash with them (okay, my husband will shred them and mulch the garden). I still have my nursing books. I graduated in 1985. What are the chances that they are current?

  5. Looks good! I have to keep my room organized or i will go crazy, so i know that took a lot of time!

    Actually, Other then my room, i can withstand a little chaos, haha.

  6. Going through stashed stuff takes so much time and effort. Keep up the good work.

    Brittany and I tackle that stuff on a rare basis because it takes so much out of me and I get grumpy [smile].


  7. Spring must be in the air! Looking good :)

  8. I do love a well organised shelf. Book, pantry, whatever.


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