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Emperor Update

Myyy was Emperor sick a couple weeks back. He's much better now, but of course he insisted on holding the empty ice cream bucket everywhere we went "just in case." And wearing the mask he got at the doctor's office that morning to the pharmacy and allll through the grocery store. And going UP TO PEOPLE and explaining that he doesn't have anything really bad, just the flu like they had in 1918, and he has vomited so much Mom has 20 loads of laundry now that smell like stale cheese even though he is allergic to milk, did you know that? But there is a game that we have on the computer and you try to keep everyone from dying of the flu but lots of people usually die and we always lose.
You should see the looks on some people's faces... or rather... you shouldn't.
Ahh, I do try to drag him away from the get-go, but he is a FAST talker. He is one of those people who will stand right next to you, almost touching, and look at the button on your shirt or want to feel the fabric. He hasn't SMELLED anyone for a while, which is a good thing.
I am trying to convince him not to touch or get too close or eyeball anything that is remotely CLOSE to boobies, too, but it isn't working yet. He is deeply offended by the idea that someone might even *think* he is looking at boobies. He is only a little boy! Why would he do that?? People are sick, thinking that. And if no one wants him to read their shirts, whyyy do they have those "writings and pictures and stuff" on them? Thing is, I'm not sure this is a habit that he can easily break by puberty and that's gonna cause him some pain.
He's a very energetic fellow and despite his intelligence, he gets along best with children several years younger than himself. He likes to help little children and pet their heads. He is very sad when he is excluded from the little kid areas in restaurants. He is over five feet tall and has a mens' size 8 shoe. Well, he's growing out of that, even. He is wearing clothes the older boys wore in sixth grade or so.
He likes to play on the park playground and go down the slide. He wants to pet the dogs even if he is allergic. He wants just a little more time to be a little kid. Can he have another hug? Ok, but even though you are a little kid still, *this* is how we hug ladies now. Yes, you are still Momma's little bundle. Hop off my lap, though, kiddo, because you are a HEAVY bundle now. :)


  1. I LOVED THIS! You are such a good writer. In comparison my writing sounds like "Fuh, fuh, fuh." Ever you ever seen that Dilbert cartoon?

    Anyway, through most of it, I was laughing and laughing. He is just so cute. Thanks for sharing. :D

  2. He is pretty cute. He'd have been in third grade in ps this year... but some ways he's older and some soo much younger. Hope it's going ok with your bunch esp. Chaz. :)

  3. My son Chaz really gets along with littler kids too. :) Kids his age or older get annoyed by him to easy which makes me sad. He's doing better. It's his teacher! She blows me away. We were worried about next year, Chaz having to get used to another teacher again. Would you believe she's gonna go up the next grade with Chaz? She has done 4th and 5th before. She knew Chaz has been through a lot so she decided to be his teacher next year also. However, since Chaz has been at home for Spring break and playing a lot of games, he's regressed in so many ways. I never would of imagined games we impact him that quickly. The teacher is gonna love me when I give Chaz back to her this week. Tee hee... She's gonna be like "What did you do to him?"

  4. This was such a sweet post. Just made me want to give Emperor a hug. :-)

  5. Tell him that I completely agree about message T-shirts and don't usually wear them for that VERY REASON! Why invite people to stare at my boobies! :-)

  6. Oh, glad he's feeling better! I can empathize with a bout of the flu. :(

    And I agree, WHY DO people wear shirts with words across the chest, or better yet those awful pants with writing across the bum and then complain about the attention it causes, or give people dirty looks for reading them?

  7. Oh I do have to laugh.... as our Griffin is the same!
    He does like boobies though... but if you say anything about it he gets all hot and bothered and upset!
    He's wearing size 9 shoes.. and small men's clothes.. and he's only 9... sometimes it's hard to remember he is only a little boy still! He weighs about 55 kilos too! What does Emperor weigh??

  8. Virginia, Chaz has to have a little downtime, though, too, even if it does regress him a little bit. Though summer might be something you need to plan ahead about because that's a LONG break to be regressing. Exciting news about the teacher! Yeah, hang on to the good ones if ya can!

    Thanks, Bonnie. Emperor needs a little help not touching inappropriate areas during hugs, so look out... he doesn't mean to, but he isn't hugging my waist anymore at this height...

    LOL I knowww Daja, what's up with the invitations people don't really mean?

    Blondee, our flu was of shorter duration thankfully!

    Chris, let's see... Emperor is just over 46 kilos at 102 pounds. :)

  9. Wow, Happy Elf Mom, I'm barely over 5 feet myself, and rather well-endowed in the "boobies" department. A meeting between me and young Emperor could be pretty difficult ...

  10. I gotta say that he does sound rather cute!
    But yes,.....males and their obsession with boobies.....never changes


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