28 March 2011


Ok, I'm loading videos from YouTube, handing over gobs of frosting and other tools to Emperor and Elf, and telling them we need to start practicing for G's birthday next month. Final exam: the cake. Yes, I just spent $10 at the foo-foo "beyond" store on frosting squeezie bottles that are hard to clean. I have no idea why I just did that.


  1. Frosting is like my favourite thing in the whole wide world! It does sound like fun!

  2. They are going to be so far ahead of me. My cakes look like mudslides . . .

  3. I want to get some of those!

  4. Because it will be fun! We love to do things like that here. Especially when someone else cleans up the mess!

  5. Because you are a closet frosting addict with a penchant for pricey frosting containers? lol

    I can't wait to see the cake!

  6. I'm sure the practise will make for a fantastic cake for G.


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