25 April 2011

Crazy Comment Monday!

Dear friends, I'm enclosing a video I took yesterday of Jesus popping by to declare the end of the age. I know that it would not be possible for you to know of these things without social media, twitter, or facebook. Click LIKE if you think heaven's gonna be cool!

Arg. Well, I'm glad that at least later in the video interview, Franklin Graham clarified that we DON'T know how "every eye will see" Jesus returning to earth but that he IMAGINES that social media could be a part of that process. I don't know. The whole thing comes off as kinda nutty to me. Your thoughts?


  1. I don't know what to think...I think I'll let him and his people work it out amongst themselves.

  2. Ha ha! Yeah, the scholars in Jesus's day could quote tons of verses about the Messiah... could you imagine what their "take" on what that would look like was? What the consensus looks like isn't always what God says will simply BE. I'm content with a little mystery there. :)

  3. If Jesus announces he's back via Twitter, I'm going to have to re-think my whole belief structure...

  4. Deb's comment made me LOL!

    I have no idea what to think of it. The words odd and mysterious come to mind.

  5. Deb, apparently there is not much time left. Frankie guesses that this is really really really REALLY it. (Which of course it could be. But you know.)

    Virginia, do you mean GOD is odd to work through twitter or Franklin Graham is just a little um, kooky bananas in this particular aspect of his theology?


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