09 April 2011

Curriculum '11 - '12: Reading and Writing

D has found BJU Press Reading Level 6 at the thrift store in years past. Here is a link to the textbook; click the book for sample pages. All I did was buy a workbook. I'm not even sure that that is necessary. We'll also be doing exercises from the Reading Detective workbook.

Using a book from Total Language Plus, we'll be writing and learning more about Tolkien's book, The Hobbit. I've never used this company's resources before, so this will be new for us. It should take the average student about 12 weeks to complete the book, is what I've been told. Emperor has tremendous, tremendous difficulty writing. At least, I imagine him to be quite behind, but I have nothing to measure him against.

Another item I got - which I cannot WAIT to use, but think perhaps is best to do last, is the Lord of the Rings study from Veritas Press. LOTR is a more involved, complicated book and I should rather work through some of the easier items on our list first. And yes, Elf read LOTR to us through this school year, but Emperor has not read it yet for himself.


  1. Thanks for posting about VP- I have been toying with trying some of their literature units.

  2. Emperor is not alone. My Ben has always been reticent. I remember in third grade he would write stories with the fewest words/sentences possible. I offered to take notes for him once and it was 5 pages...a very creative story. Some people say that being your child's secretary is helpful to get out their true thoughts/creativity if handwriting is a problem. I forget to do this for Ben.

    Another beautiful thing?? Spell-check. I was amazed at how much Ben's spelling had improved!!

    "He's using spell-check, mama." my husband says...

    Well, duh...


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