13 April 2011

Super Mario Cupcakes!

G is now 16 years old, and the proud owner of Pokemon Black. We made cupcakes for the occasion using Elf's very own new muffin tin. He bought it at the homeschooling convention last weekend. We tried this idea for Super Mario mushrooms, but it IS pretty hard to decorate cupcakes with just one working arm. G had plenty of pizza on his special day, and will have his cast removed in a week and a half.


  1. That's great! G was pretty happy to have Pokemon Black and he already has the first gym badge! (:

    I hope his birthday went great, It looked pretty awesome!

  2. Happy birthday G!

    Cupcakes are too cute! Great job!

  3. Yum, they look lovely. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY G.


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