28 May 2011


A very intelligent and well-educated friend shared this on facebook. She's hardly the panic-y vegetarian/organic only type. I thought I would share it with you and see what you think about it... I'm afraid that if she is concerned, that this is very, very bad stuff.


  1. My sister is a foodie. She watches the food network ALL THE TIME. When I stayed with her recently, we watched a celebrity chef cook-off. The chefs met to create three dishes from a secret ingredient, tilapia. One of the chefs ground the filets, added meat glue and squished the entire gelatinous mess through a noodle press. My reaction was immediate and negative. Gross! If I were a judge I wouldn't have tried it.

    From a less visceral response? Most Americans consume meat processed in feedlots. The cows are given growth hormones and antibiotics. They are prone to E. Coli. The meat has a lot of saturated fat so it is yummy! Yet, the life expectancy in the US is continuing to rise. I suspect that this glue is already an ingredient in hot dogs, sausage and chicken nuggets. So, I have probably eaten some.

    Ethically, I do think it should be labeled. I have the right to know what is going into my body. My Messianic friends wouldn't eat it since their is a chance it is derived from pork products. It certainly isn't Kosher.

    What can we do? Eat off grid... off the US food industry grid that is whenever possible. Buy grass finished meat from someone who raises. Grow your own garden. Make your own whole grain breads.

    Either that... or stay off of YouTube.

  2. Just brings back the week I recently spent in bed writhing in pain. Food poisoning is not joke and these methods are just asking for it.

  3. I had it once (food poisoning). Nasty stuff...and I think I"ve eaten that meat, they wrap it up and put bacon around it and call it
    beef tenderloin. It was the only "steak" we could afford for years. Ech....

  4. This stuff is nasty. I try to buy grass fed beef, and minimize our red meat consumption, as well. I saw this report a few months ago, and it just reinforced my desire to go plant-based, and so, for the most part, I have. More and more keeps coming out about the way the meat is processed, and about the way the animals are treated. Add that to the fact that much of the cattle are fed GMO corn products, and there becomes no good reason to eat "mainstream" meat products.

  5. I've read about this before and it doesn't seem like something we should be handling or digesting.
    We have stopped buying preprocessed/preservative filled meat. It means more work for me, but there has been a reduction in rashes and that horrid tummy ache I used to get after certain meals.
    Of course, food wise, it helps to know that my family is a bunch of delicate lotus blossums, easily bruised and temperamental. ;-)

  6. I ssaw this when it was on TV here recently. I was appalled that such practices are allowed to go on. The very next time I went to my favourite butcher I was going to ask if they did this, but as I looked in the display window I saw a tray of scotch fillet steaks (one of the most expensive cuts of beef) and each perfectly round steak was circled in plastic. Just like it had been cut from a roll of glued meat. I've never bought scotch fillet because I just can't afford it; now I NEVER will.

  7. My family buys a quarter of an organic cow(all big cuts) every year or six months depending on how fast we go through it. We stopped buying meat from the grocery store two ears ago. But that is just gross to see.

  8. I close my eyes and avoid thinking about it! LOL

  9. Thanks (I think)!

    One more thing to worry about.


  10. Be afraid. Very afraid.

    If it's made in a lab, it's not food! A simple principle that people never seem to get. Eat food and don't eat, as Michael Pollan says, "edible food-like substances."

  11. i feel sick.
    And maybe I want to go vegetarian.
    REALLY? I am godbsmacked that they can do that.

  12. OH



    (mind if I repost this?)

  13. Go fer it, Deb! I can see other people have already. :)


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