09 May 2011

Crazy Comment Monday!

"As a practitioner of the healing arts, I believe that a child's Autism can be erased ... without a pill ... IF the child supports living without it. If the child no longer wants his/her Autism, it really can be shifted out... How can these children tell us that they want to keep or give up their Autism? We check in with their energy field, and that tell us everything."

"I recently started working with differently-abled children using energy work and other interesting modalities, and have seen promising results: After a few days after a session with a severely Autistic 9 year old boy, he connected with his Mom for the first time - a heart connection. She cried with joy."

-- excerpt from a comment following a blog post on whether parents should give a hypothetical cure pill to their autistic children.

I read stuff like this and think you know, she's checking in with the "energy" of that poor family's wallet. Ommm, I think I'll pass on this. Oh! And what do you think of this idea from Restored Hope Remedial Services?

"Careful testing is performed to identify the root causes (rather than just the symptoms) of learning difficulties. Diagnoses are made based on information provided by these tests. Finally, corrective programs and therapies are applied, all supported either by clinical results or by neuroscience research, the scientific study of brain function. The result is genuine correction of learning disabilities." (emphasis mine)

I'm thinking wackyyyyyy... until I read about some of the therapies. The ones I recognize are the same stuff the public school is using, not some "genuine CORRECTION of learning disabilities." Good grief. I don't know what most of the listed therapies entail, so some of it might be snake oil and fancy neurosciency mumbo jumbo as well.


  1. I'm leaving. I'll be Raggette on blogspot dot com. Hope I'll see ya there, I'll try to get back.

    xxoo Rose Raggette nee Hardwonwisdom.

  2. I checked the bottom "reaction" box, even though I can't see what it is. Feeling kind of adventurous.

    Finally read the post. Teachers have direct contact with children, some days more than mothers do. We hope they love our kids. And they don't take advantage of us.


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