27 June 2011

Stolen From Facebook!

Yep, on with the joke. But first, a word from our sponsor. Emperor went through the temperature-taking, hot compresses, baking soda and band-aid routine until yesterday when he...

Reacted badly to Band-Aid tape! Yes, he did!

SO, he had a big mucky red mess with trackmarks all over his arm and then... then... to top it all off the rash spread up his arm. Doctor says it's a fungal infection of some kind (didn't specify what) and has prescribed a cream! So all y'all who said "ringworm" get the special "I told you so" prize. In case you were wondering, the prize is that you can say, "I told you so!" in the comment section. :)

In other news, Emperor has lost four pounds. The doctor is unconcerned. Um. I didn't think tiny people were supposed to lose weight like that but ok. I told the doctor he gets fed well and I didn't understand it. OF COURSE Emperor then complains about not having enough time for seconds at the breakfast table. He is WORRIED about getting behind in math. Bah. Way to make Mom look like a slave-drivin' crazy person, but *whateva.*

And now... the offensive joke from facebook! Stolen from a friend!

"What do you get when you cross an atheist with a Jehovah's Witness?" (Go ahead and guess. Hmmm...)

"Someone who knocks on your door for no apparent reason."

Yeah, ok, that was mildly funny. But did it make you mad? Fuming? Feeling like you want to write something all snotty on the jokester's wall? Would you write this:

"Now as an ahrteist i am offended by that prejudice, got any comments for that christians???? (Writer of Joke Name) knows i have some very offensive language for u all prejudice people, enjoy what u choose be supportive of one another and don't hurt anyone even Atheist's!!!"

OK. That was a serious comment. So I'm laughing at the dopey-ness (dopiness? facebook people confuse my spelling after a time) of it all. One of those things I would have just ignored and maybe deleted later. Or deleted the "friend." But no. The original writer responds, "(Offended Person Name), Sorry, but why are you offended ? It's not like I attacked your faith. Right?"

And then in a not-so-funny turn of events, other folks join the pig pile. (Offended Person), On what moral grounds do you condem this joke? Accordin to atheism, there is no moral law giver, thus no moral law, thus no basis for decrying this "offensive" joke Huh. I thought there were no absolutes, turns out there is a line for everyone. I would say (Offended Person) is justified but that would make no sense without justice, an absolute. Sorry.


Moral lesson: don't make fun of religions that don't exist. Anyway, I *guess* that is the moral lesson. :)


  1. I love Facebook. Really, I do. But I have learned to avoid posting on anything regarding religion or politics. I have several friends on FB who are gay, one of whom is an activist. I just don't go there when he posts his gay marriage opinions and such. I would have looked at this post the same way.

  2. Really? You found this offensive? I thought it was more friendly teasing, though maybe b/c I know the poster jokes about her own religion too.

    I'm tempted to ask HOW you learnt not to post on religion or politics, but I'm not gonna... :)

  3. Hey, what happens to people who don't believe in gosh???

    They go to heck!

    Anyway, I didn't know homeschoolers could lose weight... keeping my kids out of the fridge and getting them to exercise is my biggest homeschool issue. Try putting grazing snacks (apple slices, finger sandwiches, etc) on the table while he is working and he might gain weight.

  4. That is hysterical! I laughed out loud at that joke, but then I am an intolerant Christian (that is a joke--just case you are wondering). Oh well. I don't post anything about politics or religion either. One of my siblings is very anti-God, a distant relative is gay, and many do not share my political bent. It'st just not worth risking offending someone or arguing.

    Anyway--glad it is only a fungus! Hope he is all better soon. Start feeding that boy some seconds at breakfast time!! ;-)

  5. LOL cute joke, Andrea! :)

    Bonnie, I hear ya. Looks like facebook is good for nothing but posting lolcats and "Oh I can't believe the lady at the supermarket just bumped me" kinds of rants.


  6. I love your closing comment regarding the moral of the story. You make me laugh!!!

  7. Ummmm, you're closing comment gave me the best laugh I've had in a few days! lol!!!


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