26 July 2011

New Mascot: Annoying Orange?

Have you seen the Annoying Orange videos on youtube? Ehhhh... I know people like this, is what's sad. But he might be the new mascot for McDonald's the way things are going.

Now, they're going to start giving apples instead of french fries in my kid's Happy Meal. That is why I go to MickeyD's in the first place! The apples! Meanwhile, the McNuggets need absolutely no improvement. Everyone LOVES the taste of anti-foaming agents... mmm, MM! As the saying goes, I'm lovin' it. Well, in fairness, I'm not sure what to think of it, but "I have no clue what is in this so-called 'food'" doesn't make for a good slogan.

When Elf heard the news about McDonald's, he thought it was a bad joke that Mom was playing on the innocent little children. Mom is mean and doesn't let him search the internet by himself, so he is not sure he's going to believe this. He says that people go to McDonald's for the fries and that they will complain.

He might complain himself. He will need a powered wheelchair and a talk with the manager. The wheelchair will be there because no one respects children, but they'll listen to an old guy in a wheelchair. No word on how his sitting in a wheelchair would make him look old, but... ok.

I have to live with this reasoning every day.


  1. Ha ha ha. Don't tell him that some cities now forbid giving out toys with the happy meals too!

  2. Mixed feelings on that. I mean, power to the local people and all and the corporations shouldn't rule everything.

    I just think we have better things to fight about in our community, such as sex shops and casinos, yk? Little Tyler's fries shouldn't be number one on our agenda. :)

  3. AWww.... the french frys are the best AND the toy. Although we rarely get the happy meals because it's expensive for a family of 8. We are cheap. We just let each person pick 2 items off the dollar menu. haha

  4. I thought they were just adding fruit (apples without caramel sauce) and shrinking the fries.

    But, I will say again... if they make it kid unappealing, my kids will opt for an adult meal. But, since we live on one income and can't afford to eat out that often, I really don't care. I haven't had McD since April when we went to the Mayo Clinic.

  5. I think their nuggets should be banned!
    Have you seen and read how they are made!
    I will NEVER eat a chicken nugget again.
    And the fries are ikkkkk anyway.

  6. Personally, I think McDonalds fries are the scariest thing on their menu. Seriously.

    Have you seen this from the documentary Super Size Me:


    Ew. Ew. Ew.


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