12 July 2011

Poor Patrick...

Ok, so Patrick had surgery today to remove his wisdom teeth. He warned me quite sternly in the parking lot not to patronize him once we were inside.

I really tried not to, but once they put that guy on laughing gas, HE didn't laugh, but he had the most hilarious ways of phrasing things, so I admit I had to laugh. He was talking about all his senses being muddled and how he could taste with touch, it's really the same thing (or something very odd along those lines), and the nurse looked at me and told me that he wouldn't remember any of this stuff later. Suddenly Patrick asked, "Did you turn that down?" and sure enough she had turned the dosage way down because it had wayy too strong an effect on him. Heart rate way up and kinda scary ramblings actually, though if it were a different, less reserved person I wouldn't think too much of it.

Just seemed that my son suddenly changed personalities. It was shocking. Very talkative, reminded me of when he was little and actually had things to say to people.

They were NOT kidding when they said they'd be done in 20 minutes. I think they ran the IV and ripped the teeth out, sewed him up AND moved him to the "recovery room" (a chair in a nook in the hallway) in that time. Usually ol' Patrick is so reserved, but here he was noshing on his bloody gauze and using poor grammar at about a mile a minute (double negatives, even!). He talked of how he could do a handstand if he wanted BUT that his legs were too weak to try it at presently and perhaps he should get up and...

No, no, sit... getting the nurse...

The nurse came in and changed his gauze and he asked about the type of water they were using on the gauze and why it tasted different on each side of his mouth, whether the gauze contained IONIZED water or distilled water or just plain old stuff from the tap that contains all sorts of stuff and bla bla bla and if he shakes his head sideways he thinks he's crazy dizzy but if he nods up and down it's cool, cool, (*nod nod*).

I got him home and he started doing Tae Kwon Do moves in the living room and freaking his father and I out. Kid you not, he couldn't really walk straight, but he could do that spin and kick thing super-fast. D was most seriously displeased. I think Patrick went downstairs to watch Pokemon or Super Mario Rainbow something because he HEARD from "people who ought to know" that that is very cool when you are high, and this might be his only shot at it.

Well. Ok, then. He's had some Sprite and a pain pill and is probably sound asleep now. Hopefully he feels much better very soon. I'm glad his surgery is over and that he did so well, if a little loopy.

Feel free to comment and wish him a speedy recovery! :)


  1. Oh that was great! Hope he feels better soon. I remember getting my wisdom teeth out, and I totally walked into a wall while trying to go through my bedroom door.

  2. Oh, wow, what a reaction!
    Hope he heals quickly and isn't in too much pain, fingers crossed he settles down once the meds are out of his system.

  3. Oh my goodness! I'm sorry Patrick, but I'm laughing too....with you, I think. :) Really though, I'm glad you got them out now. I have to have them out soon and I am........considerably older. Ahem....the dentist said it wasn't going to be pretty. Yea! Something to look forward to! ;P

    Anyway, feel better soon!!!

    Hugs! from

    Steph and Christopher

  4. Ha Ha. My girl came home from her wisdom teeth surgery and went straight to bed. Got up in half an hour and wandered around banging into things insisting she was awake, but she was sleepwalking. We steered her back to bed and she slept for hours.

  5. Getting that age when you start worrying about those "people who ought to know". I hope my Ben is smarter than I was when it comes to that.

    Glad he is doing okay. You've put it down for him to read when the effect wears off!

  6. I literally laughed out loud picturing the Tae Kwon Do moves!

    I hope he feels 100 percent soon.

  7. lol...if he hadn't had teeth removed, it would have been pretty funny!! It will be interesting to see just how much he does remember today. ;)

    Speedy healing, Patrick!

  8. Poor guy!
    I had all mine removed over the years.. But they always knocked me out to do it. Hope he feels betterr soon!

  9. I know you probably won't like my commenting her, but I wanted to say that when I got my wisdom teeth removed, I slept regular and woke up really swollen (in my cheeks). It turns out if you don't sleep with your head propped up or elevated, some people get super swollen and it takes that much longer for it to go down.

    I also agree with the laughing gas, that was hillarious for me as well, I felt sleepy though after awhile... And I remember every horrible second of that surgery. And it made me want to brush my teeth everyday for the rest of my life...


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