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"See A?"

"I make it a A." Yes, Woodjie got a button for trying so hard to make his A based on my example. Often I had to "hold hand" at his request and show him how to form the letter several times before he'd even try on his own. Five velcro buttons on his token sheet means that he gets to play "DS!" (Really an old GameBoy Color, but he doesn't know that...)
It's been a long time since he has tried to write anything for me. So this is great progress! He used to know how to write all his letters, but for the past year or so has refused to do so. Now he will write a little for me BUT absolutely refuses to use the potty. "Oh no, oh CWAP!" Woodjie tells me to let me know when it's time for a change. Do you know how yucky it is to change a kid who is nearly five? We can be thankful he only *somehow* learnt how to say cwap, yes?
Other times when it's time to "work," I'll have him look at picture cards and tell me what he sees. The other day everything was "goat" and it was HILARIOUS. No, I wasn't laughing. He was. Every answer. "Goat." Then he'd mix up the answers on purpose and laugh about them. I finally got him to give me one good correct response to the "teddy bear" card. I made sure to praise him and tell him how much teddy bear loves him.
"No," he told me simply. "Ee dead." Um, that's not nice to say and OF COURSE the teddy is just fine and is going to give you a kiss. "No..." he said rather patronizingly, as though explaining to someone extreeemely stupid. "Ee DEAD. Ee no do wat." ("He doesn't do that.")
Poor little guy doesn't understand much and I'm not sure how to explain things to him. Honestly I'm sort of disturbed by this "dead teddy" idea, though it occurs to me that "Dead Teddy" might be an excellent name for a heavy metal band.


  1. Oh My Gosh! Dead Teddy is BRILLIANT! You should totally start a band, Mrs. C.

  2. Yay for Woodjie! What a beautiful "A" you wrote!

    To answer our question, yes, I do know what it's like to change an almost 5 year old's diaper - and almost 6, and almost 7, and almost 8. But, I'm so happy to say that it stops there! (((hugs)))

    I second the vote for your heavy metal band. How is it that no one ever thought of that name before?

  3. Possibly Teddy is "dead" because he isn't three dimensional so can't be felt?
    That's a great "A" though!
    Yay Woodjie!

  4. He is adorable, but I don't envy you the 'cwap'! lol
    Maybe he thinks the Teddy is dead cos it's just a toy and doesn't actually move/breath/ bla bla bla!

  5. That is a great A!

    [Oh no, oh CWAP] I am pretty sure that is exactly what I said to my little boy when he woke me up at 3 AM to change his sheets...

    And, dead things might be normal. My roommates daughter used to insist 4 was dead. She wanted to go to kindergarten and was hoping to be magically 5.

  6. Deb, you will have to play all the instruments and listen to my horrid singing. It might actually be a HIT! :)

    ((Sue)) I'm really GLAD for you not changing a 10-year-old and up into puberty later... that would be awkward. I need to somehow convince him that despite the convenience, it would be sooo much nicer to wear underwear. He likes underwear, but I can't let him wear it if he's pooping his pants...

    River and Chris, it DOES make a lot more sense AND is far less disturbing to think he is trying to communicate with me that Teddy is simply a non-living object!! And of course he would not be able to say "non-living." Yeah, I think I'll go with that!! yayy

    Julie, poor you! Poor "Samson!" It can't be easy on anyone including Mr. WaterBill.

  7. dead teddy! i like how you find the humor in every situation. we really have to, as parents, don't you think? i was just thinking about my 5 kids last night and how 1 is aspie and the others are so quirky in other ways. i love how you embrace what makes your kids unique.

  8. Yes! You might as well smile as not. You still get wrinkles, but you're happier on the journey. :)

  9. There actually was a band called the "Dead Kennedys". They had an Irish jig called "The Ballad of Edward Kennedy", with lyrics like this:

    Oh, your father is dead
    and your brother is dead
    and your brother is dead
    and your brother is dead
    and your brother is dead
    and your son has one leg.

    Yeah, kind of sick humor.

  10. Well that's... original. I guess...

  11. Woo-hoo Woodjie!!! That's an excellent 'A'!!!

    He's looking like such a little man. Hopefully he'll catch on to the potty thing soon. That must be just total yuck on your part having to change him at this age. Far cry from changing a baby.

    Does it bother him to be in messy pants?? Does he want to be changed when he does have a 'full load'?

  12. If it makes you feel any better Mrs.C, one of the little guys I watch is 4 and still poops in his pants. he will pee in the potty but only if you ask him a million times..

    Tonight in fact me and my mom were over his house, his mom was waxing our eyebrows and Eli comes down and tells her "I am poopy", I want you to change me. She told him go tell daddy and he said I did but daddy said "I have to stay in it".. to give him the feeling it does not feel good to have poopy underwear and make him want to go in the potty.. I'm sure they changed him after but he really wanted someone to clean him up.. so he knows the difference but does it anyway.. He also has some form of autism, tho he is very high functioning..

    Good luck! Poopy underwear is no fun.


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