01 August 2011

Assorted Picture Post

1. I know you're looking at this top picture and going, "Can this lady PLEASE quit constantly posting about Polish pottery and chess?" Answer: not in this post, sorry. This is my new kitchen pottery arrangement. Going with a "less is more" look. Had tons of pottery out before and it looked like the Teacup Vikings were displaying their armour, it got so busy-looking. P.S. Taking pictures like this makes me appreciate the Polish pottery catalogues even more. Getting pictures that show the pattern but not a glossy glare are nearly impossible.


2. Matlock and Emperor playing a practice game of chess. Not pictured: Matlock's mother. :)


3. Elf and Emperor at Bo Ling's in Zona Rosa near the chess club. They had SUCH a good time after a recent chess tournament, goofing off and waiting for the food to arrive. This is the big moment where Elf finally gets to try the pork dumplings he ordered. I did not snap a picture of him literally vomiting at the table in revulsion after tasting one. Sorry, but you will have to just "picture the scene" for yourself.


  1. Actually, I was thinking, "Very neat clock, and how I wish I could put dishes on my walls." If only we didn't have to worry about earthquakes!

    Nice pictures of the boys. Too bad about the dumplings. To each his own!

  2. I like the pottery. I'm glad the boys had fun. Winning isn't eveything.

  3. The pottery looks great~ love the wall clock with it, too!

    Emperor looks so different with the longer hair! He looks older. Hope he had a great time this weekend. :)

    And, I'm with Elf...not such a big fan of those, either. .lol

  4. When I saw the first picture I was thinking, "I need to take note of how to display my mathom because yours looks cool and mine just looks like room dander."

    [at the table in revulsion] I have a child that does that too. It is very annoying. I used to be one of those eat what's put on your plate kind of moms. But, now I tell them, if you don't like it, can't stomach it or you are afraid mom is going to see it again spewing out of your mouth, you may have a plain peanut butter sandwich. No jelly, my son would never eat anything else...


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