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Crazy Comment Monday!

THIS kind of crap reinforces my decision not to go to church. I still believe in God, don't get me wrong, but I reallllly think pastors need to teach their flocks better. This is hardly a one-time visitor who doesn't listen to sermons posting the following on facebook:

"Don't buy the new Pepsi coming out with pics of the Empire State building and the Pledge of Allegiance on them. Pepsi left out 2 little words in the pledge 'Under God.' Pepsi said they didn't want to offend anyone. So..if we don't buy them, they won't be offended when they don't receive our money with the words 'In God We Trust' on it. How fast can you repost this???Amen!!"

Person 1: Sorry but this is a hoax. Pepsi is not doing this.

Original Poster: It sounded interesting so I posted it. Did not care if it was true or not. It was stating something I believe strongly about. How America has become so dismissive of God. It won't effect how I personally view my Pepsi purchases. If anyone gets the wrong idea about Pepsi. Then they are over looking the importance of the message. Put God back in America again. I will love Pepsi no matter how they promote the product.

Me: ‎?? If you knew this to be untrue and posted it anyway, you're saying Truth doesn't matter if the message states something you believe strongly about. So I don't understand what you are saying you believe strongly about. Do you believe in Truth, or something else? I'm honest to goodness confused by your post and trying to figure it out. And... "put God back in America again?" You do see the silliness of thinking that anyone could possibly kick God out of any place He didn't feel like leaving in the first place. Take comfort in that, friend! He hasn't left you. :)

Original Poster: Whatever

Me: Whatever? TRUTH is "whatever?" O-kayyyy.

Original Poster: I believe in the truth. It was just a post about how sad it is that God is being left out of the picture. In my eyes, I did not research it on it being true or not is all. If ya don't like what I say then just de friend me. I have enough BS to put up with out your over powering idiotic ranting.

Me: You can defriend me yourself if you wish. As for idiocy and BS, that's what posting stuff like this looks like to most people. See, I don't think God needs either one of us to "defend" Him. God being left out of the picture in people's lives IS a sad thing. But would you like me to post lies about you to "prove" that? That's what you did to the Pepsi corporation. Real people out there have real jobs, and yes, they CAN get hurt by things like this. The least you could have done would be to look it up on Snopes, and they disproved this in **2002.**


Result: My comments *somehow* were deleted, I've been defriended and I'm not able to even view her page any more. I love how she wanted to throw in her personal life's difficulties as a reason I should never even question her. I'm sorry, but you shouldn't go off and post mean things - even about companies - unless they're at least *true.* People have lost their jobs because of false internet rumours. For the record, I've lost a lot of "friends" by being confrontational in this way. Maybe I just can't keep my mouth shut when people post stupid things... but actually? I would agree with her central premise that God is important. I guess she just didn't see how it's not the best idea to lie or spread false rumours to prove the point...

Seriously. Do I need to confine myself to puppy and kitten posts? Katharine Beals recently wrote that the art of argument has pretty much faded from our public lives. Maybe mine has and I oughtn't to have said it was "silly" that God could be removed from anything. But... it. is. so. silly. I couldn't help myself!! Maybe that's my problem.


  1. Goes along with the Christmas wars and other nuttiness. And, for that matter the idea that we are going to send people to a third world country and bring God to them. He's already there. He's here... if he is being misrepresented at all, it is being done by his Body. You know the called out ones.

    I don't repost any of those "If you are a Christian" type messages on facebook. The only exception I have ever made is reposting the one that said something like, "When did if you love me you will obey me become if you love me you will put this on your facebook wall."

    Actually, most of those things going around facebook are annoying and need verifying. I don't have time for that.

    Oh, and I did repost the thing about keeping facebook free if you climbed up on your dining room table, naked and danced the macarena. Because no less than 10 people had posted about facebook starting to charge and one google search proved that wasn't the case. So, I mostly posted that to be a social gadfly!

  2. That has to be one of the most ignorant threads I have seen on Facebook in a while! Sure, peeps gets lost in the whole 'repost for God' thing, but please, why not check snopes?? I always do because there is so much out of date/circulation reposted info going over Fb in waves. Not to mention, when you pointed out that the thing was wrong....she could have just said 'Thank you, I didn't think to check', not get all huffy and invite you to unfriend her.

    Sounds like God AND Pepsi were showing you the light today my friend! That this person was a bit of decay on your friends list, not really a friend at all...

    Now, I'm going to repost every message I can find and if you pee in my Cornflakes and tell me they aren't true it's ON like Donkey Kong!! lol :P

  3. It's stuff like that gets Christians a bad rep! If we stuck with the real God stuff we'd be heaps better off. Some people don't use the brains God gave 'em.

  4. That was definitely worth of crazy comment Monday.

  5. I don't mind people posting Scripture, or even things like "Praise God, He loves me!" I do mind people posting stupid "re-posts" and the like. I mean, really? I want to say "How old are you, and do you really not have any kind of wisdom to see this is dumb? In the alternative, have you never thought to check Snopes?"

    My husband has an aunt who send us endless forwarded emails about every imaginable urban legend, as if it's true. I used to delete them. Now, I send her the Snopes link.

    And another thing...I am SICK TO DEATH of how illiterate people are on Facebook. I don't mean the teens who use abbreviations. I mean grown adults whose grammar and spelling are reprehensible. Call me a snob. I don't care. I read my posts before I hit "enter," and I would so appreciate if others (like your de-friended friend) would do the same.

    Rant over.

  6. Wow. I still go to church, but am also sick of people TALKING about being Godly and exhibiting ungodly behavior.

  7. Julie, I LOVE the "keep Christ in Christmas" crowd. They're so *fun* to mess with. I'm soooo going to have to do a "click like if you think we should keep Christ in Halloween" post this year just for um, fun. I will get lots of people arguing about "Satan's" day (well, the ones I haven't culled yet) and others giving me a lecture about how every day is God's day.

    I think I will sit back and watch the fun this year. I think so...

    Blondee, it's onnnn. I can throw the barrels faster than you can jump over them.

    Ganeida, the trouble is that using our brains to glorify God usually (no not always!) means refining our attitudes and lifestyles, which is way harder than clicking "like." I wish I could just click "like" to be more spiritual!! (You know you want to "like" this comment.)

    Terry, I knowwww. Thankfully for her everyone at that church has forgotten about me and my blog. Because, yeah... it is pretty worthy.

    Claire, this is why I love your posts and Daja's and Ganeida's but most everyone else's that is in church? I've had to defriend or "hide" lots of people. Honestly think about 20 people gone this year alone from list.

    Andrea, I hear you. I am having a hard time differentiating ungodliness and willful ignorance... perhaps they are the same. :(

  8. If it were only so easy. Joel says they make God so small. Is God so insecure He needs them to press "like" in order to exist? If we hurt His feelings, is he gonna send us to hell?

    The creator of the universe is keeping track of how many times you refused to cut and paste this on your wall.

  9. I DO want to press Like; so where's your button? ☺

  10. Okay, now you HAVE to do the Halloween one because I am dying for it!!! lol That would be awesome.

    @ Luke- I love that and am totally posting it. ;)

  11. Blondee and Luke are totally cracking me up today!

    Plus - I love the Halloween idea. Go for it.

  12. The zookeeper just confronted one of his friends on fb about this same posting. He added the link and the friend thanked him and then made sure that people knew that it wasn't true. I was happy with that.

    Your "friend" clearly has issues with being wrong. Her pride is standing in the way of truth!


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