29 August 2011

Crazy Comment Monday!

Today it isn't so much a crazy comment so much as a crazy thing to do. Though the hosts seem to be making a good income having MILLIONS of people watch them microwave things like spray paint cans, video game systems, and the like. Patrick warned me not to watch it because there is a lot of swearing on the videos, and "they swear like men swear. Just so you know." I didn't see that on this video (one "God" that was pretty indiscernable in with the blowing up stuff commotion) but you're forewarned before clicking through the whole series. WHO WATCHES THIS STUFF?? Patrick says that he watches it so he doesn't feel he has to do the experiments himself. Well, ok then. I suppose that these guys are making millions of Americans safe. I wouldn't want to be working for their local fire department, and I wouldn't want to be their neighbours, though...


  1. My thoughts?

    How old are these fools? If they are under 18, where are their parents. If they are over 18... they probably don't live at home and some landlord is going to be ticked.

    I predict one of their experiments is going to backfire and they end up in jail for arson or vandalism.

    I don't think I am going to show this to my kids... or my husband.

  2. Why is it these morons strike me as the types to think this is great entertainment until something goes wrong and one is mamed or worse, then they would be the first people to try to sue the manufacturers of either the microwave or the fireworks? Or both...

  3. Well, I am really glad that Patrick doesn't feel the need to do the experiments himself. Better those idiots than him. But that was a little bit scary! Wow.

  4. LOL, these guys have waaaay too much time on their hands.

  5. They are nuts. And rather typical for idiotic teenage boys. *sigh*

  6. He he he. Sorry to go against the tide, but I love these videos. And the "Can you blend it?" ones.

    I think it comes from being married to an electrical engineer. Sometimes, his job requires him to test how far you can push something before it explodes/breaks/electrocutes everyone in the building, so I can see that by doing these video's, people can learn "what not to do". Which is very valuable.

    Yey, Patrick for having the sense to wait for someone else to do it, instead of him.

  7. swearing like men do - Patrick hasn't met me ;)
    although I always watch my language around kids

    there is so much of this nonsense on TV and the net
    I saw previews for a new show called 'Ridiculousness' where supposed regular folks compete to wow the judges on how they can come up with the most stupid and dangerous thing to do

    thanks for thinking of us during Irene
    hugs to all


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