20 August 2011

Happy Birthday, Emperor!

For a little while, the cupcakes read, "Happy Birthday!" Everyone just seemed to get goofy with all the letters as the cupcakes were being eaten. Emperor had a lovely birthday and the cupcakes were a week late. He played chess at the club on his birthday and wore his new Spock shirt. I am guessing you are done with chess pictures for now, so I am (mercifully) sparing you for the present moment. You are welcome. Anyway, Emperor is now TEN! :)



    Did you make the Hello Kitty heads on the cupcakes?? Those are adorable!!

  2. Nope! They are those little sugar things you pop on cakes from Party America. :)

  3. Happy Birthday Emperor!

    I think it is SUPER-cool that you have a Spock shirt! I am a major Trekkie!

  4. Happy birthday to Emperor! Yeah, 10 years!

    Y'all are so easily amused! It's meant as a compliment. I had a friend tell me that once and I wasn't sure whether to be hurt, or "amused"! Life can be hard and I would rather laugh than cry!

    It's a loss if one doesn't get at least one belly-laugh a day. My little Benny, who couldn't talk when he was little, is my main source of entertainment...


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