13 September 2011

At the Club

Emperor is not so happy about having his game interrupted by me. But Rose? Rose is THRILLED to be allowed to go to the Kansas City Chess Club for the first time. Not to mention, she LOVES having her photo taken. She did participate in most of the exercises (with help... lots of help). The only thing she wasn't even slightly interested in doing properly were the pencil and paper tactics exercises. In those, random chess pieces were circled and, instead of a line and arrow indicating the "best pin," she drew lines that would seem to indicate that they wandered off the page and went AWOL.


  1. Miss Pretty Pretty looks so happy to be there and big brother just doesn't seem to get the joy, does he? lol

  2. I love his expression! I've seen it before on my own children when they were younger.

  3. *snort*!
    Re your comment:
    She has NEVER had a job, she is on the unemployment benefit.

    So she will be able to pay her rent still.

    Her 'boyfirend' is her 'nominated perosn' who will do her grocery shopping etc.

    Her boyfriend will take her to her twice weekly counselling sessions... that is the only time she is allowed to leave the house.

    It is Home Detention or JAIL... it is that simple.

  4. LOL at Emperor's face, it is in stark contrast to Rose's!

  5. She's a cutie!
    My chess pieces were always AWOL.

  6. I really enjoy these glimpses into the various personalities you've got around you [smile].


  7. Hahaha. I love the look on his face in that picture.

  8. That picture is priceless! :)

    I've added a link to your blog here:

    If you'd like me to add a description or button/banner, just let me know!

  9. Tag, you're it! http://aut2bhomeincarolina.blogspot.com/2011/09/rare-event-here-homeschooling-meme.html


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