17 September 2011

Maybe Some DO, Though...

Someone's missing a pen because I found this dandy in the dryer. It's from the high school and it's a reminder that most (School Name) High School students do not binge drink. I think we all needed that reminder. Most (School Name) HS students also do not go on to ivy league schools after graduation. Most also do not kill squirrels and eat their entrails. Most also are not actors. Most are also not millionaires. Most are also not left-handed. Well... I could go on and on. There is probably a whole series of pens out with clever sayings along these lines, and one of my older children just happened to pick up the one about binge drinking. Not sure why the school is giving away pens about boozing it up, but ok. It's a free pen.


  1. As an old geezer, I did hear that binge drinking has moved from the college to the HS level.... but then, I never got a pen for it...

  2. I never even went to a high school dance or to a party! One time I tried to sneak to one to see what it'd be like but my mom caught me just before we were going to leave. lol


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