01 September 2011


Emperor's new Monroi! This handy-dandy (and $400) device replaces the old pen and paper "notation sheet." On the Monroi, you tap the pieces and enter the moves. You can see in the top picture that on this game, we're on move number 5 in which white moves a pawn to the d3 square, and black moves bishop to g4. We don't quite have the hang of it yet, but it will eventually make notating so much easier. No need to get the board out, move the pieces around and *try* to decipher what Emperor has written. It will make his private coaching minutes ($$) more effective because going over his games will be much faster.


  1. PS Yes, I know... we have SO many things we could have spent that $400 on... but how often do people buy game systems, and this is at least educational (right??).

  2. OH! Someone asked me on facebook about what if it's stolen. Well, it has his name in it on the database and it IS NOT ALTERABLE in any way; the company makes them that way. So, it would be pretty obvious in a tournament that it's a stolen device b/c it enters EMPEROR's NAME in every game.

    Yep. :)

  3. Sigh, so it wasn't 'Moon Rock' then!
    Clever little gadget that... expensive.. much!
    Glad we are only amateur chess players.

  4. We're not professionals by any means, but we are at the point where we're spending a bit of money...

  5. I saw the Chess thing and remembered I should share this with you: Rules Set You Free from RadioLab's show on Games.


  6. I think this is a brilliant investment for him!! You are such a good Mom to nourish his interests and invest in his passion.


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