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It Must Be the Drugs.

So like, I'm on stuff but I still have my brains about me.  I think. 

I'm reading the news and in the news is a story, supposedly a very shocking one, about this lady who drank two 2-liters of Diet Coke each day.  Then she quit and it was a very big deal because of the health benefits of not drinking two 2-liters.  Is this news??  Because my husband can drink, like, four of those in a normal day.  Unless he is really thirsty; then it is more.  I suppose next up there will be a story about a lady who eats a bag of chips for a snack.  We will compare this nutritionally to the traditional candy bar snack.

Maybe the drugs are catching up with me that I don't think these are very exciting news stories.  I am just sort of mellow.

Just for the record, today my diet has been two doses of Miralax (hasn't worked yet, TMI, since last Thursday, but having gut surgery will do that to you), a bowl of grapes (also hasn't worked), two rolls with butter, a bowl of soup and a bowl of taco mix (meat, lettuce, etc.).  And three cups of coffee and a Diet Sunkist.  I think I should be in the news for that.  It is at least more interesting than two 2-liters of pop.  BORING.

I am just awake enough to look at all the news stories on the computer and then nap for a bit.  Then I wake up and look at more stories and catch up with my friends on facebook.  And then I nap some more. I think I am sleeping more than I am awake.  Maybe that is my job, just sitting around and healing. 

D has been buzzing about and taking the children to the doctor.  All the children are sick.  Emperor has one of those deep hacking coughs that frighten me to death.  I'd be afraid of turning inside out like an old sock if I started on a cough like that.  My stitches would pop and that would be it for me. Woodjie has an ear infection.  Rose has a fever.  What a mess we are! Poor D; I have left him to deal with all of that plus the kitchen dishes.  I am NOT going down there to catch what they have.

Also?  I don't want to go down there because then I would be tempted to straighten things up my way and I am supposed to be resting. 

Somebody write me a comment, would ya?  I'm bored here.  I will check comments between naps. :)


  1. Stay away from those sick kids, Mrs. C! Get some rest, it is your job to heal. If you push it, it'll just take longer to get back to 100%

    Lecture over.

    I have no interesting comments. I watched the news today and got all agitated. I am going to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tonight after everyone goes to bed.

  2. You could have Donald tell the kids to "get sick on their own time; not his time" ... like my Father used to tell me ... but that might not work. I am very glad he is there to help while you recover.

    I hope you can rest and heal up. And hope the children get well soon too.

    I dunno about taking all the .. er .. laxative stuff what with your stitches! Trust you won't literally explode!

    Just kidding of course.. :)

    Get well soon!

  3. I hope you feel better soon! Relax and take care of yourself. Forget the dishes; they'll be there when you're feeling better. If you don't clean, after the first 4 years it doesn't get any worse.

  4. Deb, I get agitated watching the news, too! Why bother, right...

    Dad, I'm gonna let D deal with when they all get sick lol. :)

    FedUpMom, I will BET that after four years it can't get much worse! You made me laugh!!

  5. Oh my! Prayer for strong immunity coming your way!

    A sister of a friend starting losing her memory when we were in college. She would leave her dorm to go to class and forget where she was going half way there and have to go back home. It turned out to be the aspartame in all the diet Coke she was drinking. That was enough to help me kick the 6 pack a day habit. I've never been able to get a taste for it since.

  6. I would have thought the Miralax or something similar would have worked by now. Maybe your innards are in a bigger state of shock.
    Anyway, rest is most important, but a little gentle walking around your room shouldn't hurt. The getting up and down will help "move" things along.
    As for the boredom, forget the news, it's not news anyway, 2 x 2litre cokes? Big deal! Can you watch dvd's instead? Read books? Knit? All in between naps of course.

  7. WOW is all I have to say. Man I miss one week of your blog and all you know what breaks loose!

    I am sorry you are feeling so bad. I hope you heal soon. And just close your eyes to the dirty house!

  8. A little walking would help and water. You can pee when you get up to walk around the room. :-) Stay away from the sickies and try not to think about the mess. I loved the after 4 years comments. That's awesome. Watch some Hoarder's episodes online it will make you feel immensly better about your house--because no matter what happens while you are recovering it won't be as bad as those houses! Please take care of yourself. It's hard for Moms to do. Will say an extra prayer for D? Does he need any more possum socks as a reward for good behaviour?

  9. OH man! Of all times for everyone to get sick is when your husband is in charge.

    Ahem. I think he just might get to see what life is like in mom's shoes. Tee hee...

    Get better. I HATE being on bedrest. Totally sucks. If anything I hope you are getting babied some.

  10. resist all temptation to do anything but rest
    the kids will get better and hubby will do just fine
    wish I was closer, I'd come mommy you

  11. I think it's husband Karma. It is due and fitting that hubby gets stuck with sick kids when mom is incapacitated. He may not handle it the way you would, but he'll appreciate you more for for it.

  12. Don't you even think of lifting a finger! Rest, rest, rest- we have a plan and I am praying on it, so you keep to your end of the bargain!
    And of course the taco bowl, diet Sunkist and Miralax are news! I don't know why MSNBC hasn't picked up on this yet!

  13. Get some rest Mrs. C!!!!! Don't fall for their tricks to lure you out of much needed rest.

    In general, I despise the Twinkie defense. However, there is a possible connection between aspartame and mood disorders. People with mood disorders tend to worsen on aspartame.

    I have steered clear of the stuff because of a family history of mood disorders. :-)

    If you know something sets you off, don't ingest it whether it is a Twinkie, diet soda, something legal, or something illegal. That's my motto!


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