13 October 2011

The NEW Kitchen!

I got new windows for my kitchen sink area.  Painted the frame white.  Still haven't decided what to do with the backsplash bit under the window; am thinking of small tiles instead of white paint.

 My house was built in 1964 and has almost all the original windows still.  I got tired of looking at bugs and cobwebs on the kitchen sink window and replaced it.  I couldn't clean it properly as the window didn't open well and I sure couldn't clean it from the outside as it is very high above the ground.  This should be much easier; the windows tilt in and have real working latches!  You can't let an event like that just go without fixing up other things nearby.  Do you like the colour of my NEW kitchen? I chose it to go with my Polish pottery.  Technically, yellow would be the best colour but it would look absolutely hideous with my black appliances and wouldn't "transition" from the stone brown in the next room very well.  So there you go.  No more squinting and bobbing my head about to see what is going on in the back yard.  It's so bright and airy, and I will enjoy looking out my window when winter comes... there is nothing like being able to see the view without having to feel the weather sometimes.

Blurry picture, but gives a nice overview of the kitchen. 

Bye-bye, gross-o windows.

Of course the Polish pottery stays in the same place.


  1. I LIKE it, it's very warm. You have the same cupboards I do. I need a new window, now...("But Happy Elf Mom has one!!")

    In truth, I really need a new floor. The one they peeled and stuck to sell the house is coming up and moving in spots. And my kitchen needs repainted. All before Thanksgiving--maybe.

  2. Looks nice! We just decided we are also going to repaint our kitchen a green color, really like the one you picked.. right now our kitchen is blue..

  3. Love it! It is way harder to redo the wall and windows in real life than on YoVille!

  4. Lovely! I love Blue & white. I love natural timber ~ & lots of light. Yep. My sort of kitchen. When can I move in?

  5. I looks great! I'm over here trying not to envy your lovely green view - so glad you can see it without bobbing and squinting now. :o)

  6. It's lovely. I had that color in my kitchen until last year. Now its a melon color, but I miss the old color.

  7. lookin good! i vote tile for the backsplash...easier to clean and if it's the right pattern can hide any splashes. :)

  8. very pretty!!
    a good kitchen window is important - let in good light and makes you feel better when doing chores

    the whole room is lovely

    and I adore the Polish pottery

    thank you for the "beautiful yet rueful" comment, made me smile too

    love ya kid

  9. Our kitchen is the same color!! I even posted pics last spring when we repainted! lol

    Great minds think alike. :P

    I love the knobs, very nice pop of color against the wood!

  10. Oh, this is great. What a big improvement! Very nice... :)

  11. I feel sorry whenever I hear people talking about how badly they want to open their window, but they just can't. Windows are more than just wall decors. There are types of window that's meant to be opened up to allow air and light in the house. Anyway, I like your new window compared to the old one. I hope you can use that window the way it's supposed to be.

    -Tina See


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