04 November 2011

No Baby Wuvs.

Woodjie was upset.  He frequently wants his "baby wuvs," and Mom refuses to sit on the couch and let him sit on her lap with a blanket for wuvs time.  Maybe he just didn't ask persistently enough.  He needs A BABY WUVS, YOU, WUVS? 

Nope.  Mommy has owies.  She can't give baby loves right now.  Want to see?  (Yes, see a owies).

"OH!!" he yelped after seeing my gash. "A PIRATES! Ee hurt you! Pirates!"

"No," Rose corrected him.  "A doctor hurt a Mom with owies."

"A pirate!  I see a hurt you??" Sigh.  He has to see where the pirates cut me open a few more times.  I'm thinking that's a way more interesting story than this "hernia" thing.


  1. Oh, that is WAY more interesting!!! Too cute!

    I haven't been online as much these days (well, trying not to), and haven't commented much, but I am praying for you quick recovery!

  2. Thank you, Sue! Arrr, me recoverin' as fast as me can. :)

  3. Poor Woodjie. Could he be persuaded to sit beside you and gently cuddle in?
    Love the pirate story!

  4. River, he's very JUMPY and right now can't take chances. Ordinarily I don't mention severe ADHD with this kid, etc., doesn't really affect his life, but between that and his autism I could get very hurt. I pass by and pet his head when he is sitting at the table sometimes though. :)

  5. Did you know that on Facebook you can change your language to pirate?? Just for giggles you should try it.

    Poor Woodjie, needing his wuvs from his pirate wounded Momma. :( Hopefully he doesn't 'outgrow' this while you are getting better. That's too cute.

  6. Noo! I hope he never outgrows baby wuvs. Though I might have to sit next to him and hug him when he is bigger.


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