27 December 2011

Better Than Mr. Potato Head!

Buy an orange or small clementine and a couple small containers of "whole cloves."  You'll find them in the spice aisle and ours were 99 cents for a small package.  Pop the cloves stem-in into your orange during craft time.  They're actually easy for little hands to pop in once they're shown how.
And after your craft is done, it makes the kitchen smell lovely.   Here are Woodjie and Rose's creations sitting on my windowsill.


  1. I tried this once. Apparently the orange is supposed to slowly dry out while smelling lovely, but mine just sat there and went mouldy then stinky.
    I've never been good at crafty things.

  2. Ha! I think the "trick" is to put lots of cloves in and then hang it. BUT, as you can see, we didn't do the whole Cutie and so eventually we'll toss ours too. :)

  3. Now that is a lovely idea for small hands to have fun with.

  4. I'll bet that does smell good!!!


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