30 December 2011

Happy Drunken New Year!

This is the time of year you can get a free car ride about anywhere... just say you're drunk and can't make it!  Volunteers stand by on New Year's Eve/Day to help you out.  Don't drink and drive, stay alive and all that.

You can hate me all you want but I'm one of those people who would simply say "don't drink."  And doggone it.  Innocent people who have economic hardship (and therefore no car or license) but aren't old or drunk get no free rides.  Meanwhile these "gimme the keys" people out there are just enabling others to guzzle with zero consequences.

Mind you... I remember some friends being drunk near me once and hearing them planning a spontaneous car trip somewhere.  I drove because as much as I think they were wrong, I couldn't imagine that being the last time I talked to them.

So yippee, guess I am a hypocrite or something.  How 'bout you?


  1. My circle doesn't expand far enough to people who are drunk around New Years. Not because I shun them, they just don't hang out at my house... maybe because we're not as "fun" as those other parties. But, seriously, the rest of us are having a blast chatting, eating, and watching Pinky & the Brain [smile].


  2. We had to forbid Pinky and the Brain for a little while when a child imitated some stuff he saw... lol

    Hope you have a great New Year, Luke!

  3. In college and my Navy days, we had the designated drunkards and the designated driver who even back then got free drinks. We are now pretty close to tee-totalers only having a drink (or even just 1/4 glass of wine) on special occasions.


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