05 December 2011

What is a Poke Ball?

This is Woodjie's new Poke Ball.  Pokemon is a cartoon and a DS game and a trading card game and an action figure enterprise... and they make a LOT of money on our family.  The Poke Balls in the Pokemon cartoon can "capture" Pokemon (pretend cartoon creatures, each with unique abilities and many with an ability to "evolve" into another creature, and Woodjie doesn't say much but he knows the difference) and be thrown into a battle later.  The balls open and the little creatures come out to fight.  Nobody really dies; the Pokemon just faint and are put back into the balls for later.  Here is a link to a "Pokedex."  You can find out about any Pokemon you want.  My fave is Jigglypuff.  Most people love Jigglypuff.  Woodjie has been playing with the Poke Ball all night and is quite enamoured with it. 


  1. After Tamagotchis and Bakugan, I run and hide from Pokemon. It is all too hard for my 1980's brain.

    Woodjie looks delightedly fascinated. :-)

  2. Old Joke.

    How do you get 1000 Picachus onto a bus?

    It's very old.

  3. Eccentricess - I *vaguely* remember the Tamagochi pets. The people who made them obviously never lived on a farm because their animals were way spoilt.

    River, that's a very old one! :)


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