17 December 2011

Yay, Elfie!

Elf won the USCF Christmas Scholastic Tournament in Olathe, Kansas, today! He won two games and drew one.  "I worked pretty hard and my mom helped me a lot, although this day wasn't the best day of my life because my mom made me clean my room and throw away stuff I wasn't using and I cried over it," Elf said.  "Mom told me to throw away a humongous dust ball and I did not want to throw it away so I hid it and Mom will never find out where it went."


  1. Now I'm wondering where on earth someone would hide a giant dust ball...and just exactly how big is giant?
    Congratulations on your big win Elfie!!

  2. Congratulations on your big win!

    We are having the same throw out old things issue at my house. David wants to keep the colored pegs and pegboard set he used as a toddler. Major whinging and a sudden interest in playing with them. Okay, he stacked them together, tied a string to both ends and used them as a bow and arrow...

  3. Congratulations, Elf! That's terrific!

    (oh mah GAH with the hoarding of things! What IS it with these little boys? I had to tell my son that NO, the whole FLOOR wasn't his "save" pile)

  4. Congrats Elf! Those trophies look better in a clean room.

    Daniel is the one who will fish things out of the trash that I have deemed to broken or worn out to save. A few months later I will find the item perched somewhere or under something and spend a few minutes saying, "but I thought I . . ."

  5. Many Congratulations! Quite an impressive display of trophies!

  6. Congratulations, Elf!!!

    Mrs. C., how can you sleep at night knowing there is a giant dust ball lurking somewhere in the Keebler house????

  7. Congrats Elf, and Mom, have you found that dustball yet? I say look under the trophy's!


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