06 January 2012

Emperor's Test Results

I was floored that the kid received a "very superior" in the "verbal comprehension" subtest.  VERBAL COMPREHENSION??  No, really, they think that.  This is the kid who will walk right through doors that say "DO NOT ENTER" because he is exiting.  Does that sound like comprehension to you?  :p

But they can admit he also lacks "higher cognition skills to carry multiple objects, perform task in proper sequence or with multiple steps, and imitate actions."  Translation: he's smart but not smart enough to figure out how to carry stuff?  That is sooo... Emperor.  And so confusing.  Just... why.  But hello, this is why he is not allowed to go swimming or even use sharp scissors.  You might think I'm overcoddling but I'll just let you go ahead and think that and keep my kid alive and in possession of all his limbs for another day.

Anyway... I asked for testing because I was hoping that we would see some sort of offer to help Emperor with his handwriting, but they said it was just fine.  Composition?  Nope, doesn't qualify for help there, either.  He's actually ahead.  Then I sorta felt bad for bothering them, especially since I know that testing is not cheap.

It comes down to this:  he'll get no extra help, really, except for maybe a "social skills" class here and there.  But I know he could probably use a social skills class here or there.  Maybe even a lot of them.  It makes the decision as to "what to do with Emperor education-wise" that much more difficult.  He tests and performs at or above the seventh grade level. Mathematics computation level?  Grade 12.2.  I just can't see enrolling him in fourth grade and having that be an effective use of his time.  Unfortunately with all the comings and goings in the house  it is not feasable to do a co-op.  All SIX children will be in different schools next year; FIVE if Patrick makes good on his threat to becoming a hobo.  Still... crazy times ahead.  Especially if Patrick decides to become a hobo. 

D says I should call the school and just ask for Emperor's flipping diploma since he tested so high.  Or at least ask to place him in seventh grade or something.  I sort of doubt they would consider either option but at the same time, I know that as he gets older they would help him acclimate to the social aspects of school far less.  He is very socially quirky (!!) and waiting until ninth grade is almost certain disaster.

My mind is not really made up on anything.  Though overall?  I feel as though I want him home at least another year.  Maybe two.  Maybe for always.  I don't know.  Lots to think about.  One suggestion I got from the peanut gallery was to wait until we're done with our hours homeschool-wise this year, and then try to enroll him and just figure that's your social skills right there. The only thing is that D might not let me pull him once he is in.  And I really am not ready to let him go fer real (not just playing school at the end of my REAL school term, you see) just yet.  We just get along too well and what would I do all day without him?


  1. I have not had this experience myself, but many of my chums have been similarly 'afflicted'. Falling between the cracks is so much harder than people understand.

  2. Tough decisions ahead for you. on the one hand, Emperor needs the social skills, on the other hand he probably has a few years left in which to learn them before being thrust into the school world.

  3. Do what feels right.

    And does Patrick know that most people who are hobos didn't *choose* to be that way? :)

  4. Maddy: The thing is, Woodjie is WAYYYY behind and so there are no fights about "this kid needs an aide for safety" or "can we work on potty skills as a goal?" or... much of anything at this level. It's sad and hard to go through but education-wise it is an easy decision for us right now to enroll him with the specially trained people in public education. Not so with Emperor.

    River: you are exactly right. We do try to teach him these skills at home (of course, as he doesn't live in a barn) but it is not the same.

    Blondee, Patrick has unfortunately been encouraged by vague stories of occasional panhandlers earning $120,000 annually. And he doesn't want debt and hasn't so much as completed one application for college. :(

  5. I'd send Emperor to school .. if for no other reason that the social skills. He'd probably catch on soon enough even if he is way ahead in the knowledge area.

    Hobo :).... the choice methinks is either college or the Army... and I'd suggest he start filling out the apps! :))

    But then, I'm a curmudgeon .....

  6. I tested way ahead when I was in primary school. So I skipped a grade. Is that possible for Emperor? I would be concerned that he'd be bored with 4th grade stuff if he is testing WAY ahead like that. Bored and needing social skills is not necessarily a good combination.

  7. You're going to have 6 kids in 6 different schools? Holy logistics! How is that going to work?


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