14 January 2012

Zombies Just Need Better Medical Care

I still am not sure how to react to this story.  Scientists studying the "Haitian Zombie?"  It would make me suspicious that it's not real if zombies only happen in Haiti.  BUT apparently the voodoo doctor can capture your spirit or something in a jar, and everybody knows that zombies make good slaves (no, really, read the article...) and so scientists are investigating this possibility.

The reality they're finding is pretty sad.  Grant you, the sample size is pretty small (how many zombies do YOU know in real life?) but it sounds like the wanderers are simply mentally ill or have developmental/cognitive problems.  These poor people need some serious help.  I just wonder how many of these "zombies" have been killed by people who think they are their undead relatives.

Do you think the whole article is wacky?  I'm not sure what to think.


  1. Wow. I think I have some f these symptoms!

  2. I find less and less of what I read in the "news" to be trustworthy

    I do however believe in zombies, just look at some of the presidential candidates ;)

  3. Good grief. People are so nuts it makes me feel more sane just reading drivel like that. lol

  4. I didn't read the article, but you got me thinking about the "zombie" who lives upstairs, he went away in a taxi before Christmas and hasn't been seen since. I didn't see him come home, but there are footsteps upstairs.....


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