14 February 2012

An Assorted Post

I thought I'd share with you this little dandy a friend posted on facebook.  It's about how to unschool, but I think it really does speak to parenting in general as well.  Do you like it?  I just found it sweet and comforting.

In my internet travels today I spent some time finding out about lamingtons.  Looks more like poundcake with Hershey syrup, coconut sprinkled on top.  Which would be really great were it not for the fact that I hate coconut. 
For no apparent reason at all, I am including this recent picture of Woodjie EATING RICE AND CORN.  Yes.  It's on a plate.  Yes.  His knees are up on the table and he is almost always sitting oddly.  But he is eating the rice and corn.  It deserved a photograph!  :)

Ok, here's a link about unschooling.  It involves some chick's ex-coworker friend's sister's son, so you know right there it's a really totally like absolutely scientific post right there.   :/


  1. Woodjie is cute no matter how he sits!

  2. That last link kinda made me mad. I left my opinion on it, couldn't help it. Look, there are parent's who aren't doing thier kids much of a favor by homeschooling them, but nearly all the kids I've known who were, were square pegs who were pulled out when it was found that school wasn't the best place for them.

    Schools aren't perfect, either. It should be the needs of the child that take primary consideration.

  3. Rice and corn are two of my favourite foods.
    I used to make my own lamingtons when the kids were little, they'd help by rolling the chocolate icing dipped squares in the coconut, then I'd send them outside to eat them so they didn't spill coconut everywhere.
    aha! you've got the two word verification thing now too.

  4. I loved the first article... but it didn't got nearly far enough. Not only should we give our child less of us as they age, we should pay for less of what they want -- until by the time they are an adult they are paying it all!

    I just posted an article on my facebook... in direct response to my bratty adult niece. She lives with my mother, doesn't pay her rent. Doesn't clean any of the house except the 500 SF bonus room that she considers "hers." (Not even the kitchen when she's used it). She wants my mom to pay her boyfriend to do the yard work. Because, you know, when you're retired and living on your retirement income and social security money grows on trees. And, thinks it would be a good idea if the USA, like Germany, paid college graduates a wage for the first 6-months after they graduated so that they, you know, can get settled.

    My mom cares for her animals when she is in class, at work or traveling in Europe. My mom is on a 4-day cruise. She just wrote on my mom's fb wall complaining about having to care for my mom's dog without getting paid. Yep. I decided just to post a nasty, non-directed response on my own wall so as not to cause discord. I hope she gets it.

  5. Never heard of Lamingtons...but I think they sound yummy!

    Good for Woodjie trying something different! ;)


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