05 February 2012

My Weekend Project

One of the larger Hobbits of the house loves his new cloak.  I simply extended the pattern about four inches in the sleeves, a foot in length, and one inch all 'round the sides and it fit together just fine.  This Hobbit is almost 6ft 4 inches tall and with a bit of tweaking, McCall's pattern 2854 in a new colour gives him a more... forboding look than the small children are able to present in their getups.  :)


  1. In real life with the point on the hood I would venture to say that the entire "person" is very nearly seven feet tall. I would feel a bit intimidated if I were to meet with this visage IRL without knowing the guy inside is pretty harmless.

  2. Does this tribe of Hobbit folk know how lucky they are to have a personal seamstress?

  3. Thank you for including the pattern name and number, I can buy this and make one in polar fleece or a quilted fabric to snuggle up in during the winter. Does it have a zip front? Or is it a pull on over the head thing?

  4. Sometimes, Blondee. :)

    River, it does not have a zip front or ties of any kind. I added a tie to each side where the hood meets the cloak itself. Good luck! You may wish you use one of your hooded sweatshirts to give yourself an idea. Then go BIGGER for the effect you see here. This is view "F" in the pattern. You could also make a Little Red Riding Hood or magician's type capes as well with this. It is a child-size pattern for someone about five feet tall.


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