14 March 2012

The Ends Justify the Means

That's what some people in Kansas City would like us to believe.  They seem to think that if they can enact a daytime curfew on children that suddenly, the sun would shine, crimes would decrease and oh!  The crapful schools they run would magically become re-accredited because the happy children will sit attentively at their desks under this proposed law.

Homeschoolers apparently turned out in droves to protest this idea, so it's been put off a whole flippin' week so they can dawdle about and pick their bums.

Well... the real reason is probably to twist a few arms and make sure the votes are solid. 

And you know, they might persuade a few fence-sitters to reconsider their position on the matter in a week.  See, it's getting warmer out.  In a week, there will be new statistics to present.  New shootings.  New burglaries in "problem" areas.  New truancy rates.  Stuff like that. Who knows?  Maybe the powers that be can manufacture a good crisis just like one that *somehow happened* to occur last time a curfew was being considered.

Because yeah.  Guys with guns go to beddie-bye at 9 pm after curfews are enacted. 

Allow me to take a jump into what might sound like utter paranoia at first blush.  The city needs these curfews because they need those kids off the streets.  They need the kids off the streets so that it appears that the schools are doing a good job with the children. 

Recently increased "compulsory attendance" ages, and the extremes some are going to enforce them are nothing more than forced compliance with the playacting.  We all know that if schools were really that great, most children would want to attend.  No, seriously.  That's not a cut on public education generally. 

See, Elf knows he has a choice each and every morning.  He chooses to get up early to go to school.  He's been told about a million times that if he doesn't like it, he can talk to Dad about coming home.

And so far?  It isn't perfect, but he likes going.  The teachers are kind and the assistant principal is genuinely looking out for him.  Guess why?  The school here is nothing like the schools in Kansas City.  Is this really a system we want to force ANY human being into?  Where is the outcry on this?? 

Where is it?  News reports from Canada?  Seriously?? 

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  1. More political chest puffing and paper shuffling. A week for them to attempt to circle wagons and convince the masses that the sky may fall if they don't impose the curfew. Ridicuolous!


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