18 March 2012

Senior Skip Day is DANGEROUS.

Excerpt from a letter from our school principal:

"Also, please note that there is no senior skip day.  This has many obvious dangers to it with a number of people on their own all day."


Most seniors are 18 or close to it.  They will graduate in May.  Taking one day off JUST before graduation is DANGEROUS?  And they can't all be "on their own" for one day?  Is that how poorly we parents of Cityname North High School have parented?  Our kids can't be "on their own" for one day?  And the dangers are obvious?

I am suuuuch a negligent parent.  Because guess what.  My son is "on his own" when I have important doctors' appointments and not only that, he watches four younger siblings, THREE of whom are autistic.  My bad for doing that.  So negligent of me.  There are "obvious dangers" to my child being on his own.  All day.  And watching his siblings, too!

What was I thinking?  Crazy me was figuring that my adult son could be trusted.

I dunno; this attitude from the principal really cheeses me off. But look... the letter continues:

"In addition, the district loses state aid for these absences.  We simply cannot afford that.  As it is, the seniors will have one less day than normal due to starting their year one day after the sophomores and juniors this year." 

It's "one fewer" day grammatically because it is a measureable number, but no matter... here we see the real reason the powers that be don't want you to skip, people.  It's all about your butt in that chair.  Sure, teachers get treated like human beings in schools, but you young adults don't have a union so you do not have any choice about anything once your parents enroll you.  Teachers get things called "personal days."  You?  Unless you are coughing up a lung, you'd better flippin' well forget having a weekday away every now and then.

Sigh.  As the TV show I used to watch as a young girl proclaimed, "Kids are people too!"  Awww... I miss seeing shows like Wonderama.  They are much less glitzy than today's I suppose.  Anyone else also remember Romper Room?  Dating myself here.  In answer to the trivia question presented in the video, Nixon is president.  :)


  1. It infuriates me that a parent such as yourself does not see the epic dangers awaiting the seniors on such a day. It's not as if they all just hang out and go spend money on movies and yummy tacos, they do bad, bad things. Things that no doubt are beyond our imagination. And, it takes away money from the school! I love that added point. Ha!

    Have fun, Patrick!

    1. Sorry for being so ignorant about these things. I'm just a slacker mom, is really all it is. :)

  2. Well then, I hope you take this as your wake up call. You have completely missed the boat on first born. But you have 5 more chances to redeem yourself. I *will* be watching!

  3. This really peeved me too. I was looking forward to this too! Skipping school and doing something fun... I mean, next week (after spring break), Comm. Arts IV is going on a field trip to see The Hunger games and get lunch. For $6, you can miss school and go see a movie. Some things just seem ridiculous because they are.

    Good thing I'm a senior because I've got a serious case of senoritus! lol

  4. 18 year olds unable to look after themselves for a day? really? Do these teachers not remember themselves at 18?
    then of course, the real reason comes along. Money. Bums on seats money.

  5. "Romper, bomper, stomper boo. Tell me, tell me, tell me, do..." No, I can't say that I do remember Romper Room; I am much too young. ;o)

    My mom wrote me a note on official letterhead from the dentist office where she wrote so that I could participate in Senior Skip Day. I did eat a cholesterol laden breakfast. That is pretty dangerous. Oh, and we went to the beach. Skin cancer...

    But, then my friends and I all went back to school because we were on the Student Council and our school was hosting that years Southern Association of Student Council Convention. We had a big planning meeting that afternoon. I was responsible for the AV at three different meeting sites. The three day conference ran into the school week and I also coordinated caterers for the days we couldn't use the school cafeteria. I would have been annoyed to realize that I wasn't yet responsible enough to have an unsupervised morning.

  6. Perhaps these people aren't thinking about when they were in school, but are projecting based on their own experience of their weekends [smile].


  7. My response would be:

    Dear Principal,

    I don't care.

    Thank you.

    Anyway... I think wayyy back when I was in school, we showed up for homeroom and then went about our merry way. We were marked present, and skipped the rest of our classes. (My husband and I still sing the "kids are people too" song.


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