20 April 2012

All About Grandma

Rose absolutely LOVES going to "Gwan-ma's house."   Everything is Gwan-ma this and Gwan-ma that.

Recently, Rose's Grandma took her to the zoo!  Usually, though, they just hang out at Grandma's house.  Grandma's house is green.  Grandma does not like peanut butter sandwiches.  Grandma says it is NOT bedtime yet.

Grandma just had a baby!

Grandma used to be four, but now?  She is 27.  She just have it a birfday.  Next year, she will be five years old and go a kinnagarden.


  1. Rose has quite the imagination!

  2. Well this is just sweet and I'm wondering now if Gwan-ma will be taking the baby to kinnagarden with her next year.

  3. That is so cute! I can almost hear wee Rose saying all that.


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