02 April 2012

Spring Cleaning

So the big box of "cheese curl" packaging peanuts is sitting on the end table upstairs.  Small house, guys, and I just had tossed it about anywhere after my ordeal the night before.  I'm sorting through books and ohh... ok.  Having some coffee by the computer and checking my blogs early this morning.

Bleary-eyed... I will just get to it later...

Woodjie keeps talking.  He says two or three words together and they don't always make sense.  Usually they involve Rhyhorn or Nosveratu-something attack and some sound effects. Here he is talking to himself and looking at the box.

"Fffff rrrr aaaayy gah... Eye!  L. Ee.  What say, Mom?"

What say... I didn't say anything.  Ohhh... wait.  That says FRAGILE!  YAYYYY!!  WOODJIE, LOOK... You are READING!!!

Of course we had to do a big dance about that.  Lots of little bitty Woodjie arm flapping and happy blue-eyed face smiling stuff.  Yay.

Ok.  Sit down a second while I finish the coffee...  You smoochie.  You shouldn't be reading yet, I tease him.

"What IN air, Mom?"  and he is pointing.  And of course I had to sound out the whole "Blue Rose Pottery" note on the side of the box.  "OH IT PAWYERRY YAYY!  I see in air??"

Ughh... do you have to? (Yes.)  See... nothing but these bad cheese curls in there.  (I see it?  I hold it?)  Sigh.  Okayy.  (sniff, sniff) WOODJIE YOU ARE NOT EATING THAT ARE YOU??

"I no eat at.  Ee yucky eat it," and he looks at me all bewildered.  As if to say, how could you even think that about me?  I, eat packing peanuts... the very notion.

Well, fine, you just be that way.  Woodjie is also asking questions about this "egg hunt" that will happen at preschool on Thursday.  He is raising some objections about participating because "I lergic to eggs."  I am trying to convince him that we are just hunting FAKE allergens.  But don't open the eggs.  Because they might have chocolate inside.  And you are allergic to the milk in that.  Somehow this makes no sense to him.  None of it does.

THIS is the kind of thing that happens to a kid when he starts to get pushed into the regular-ed classroom.  They do weird things like "parties" and "learning to read." 

I am cautiously optimistic about next year.  Do keep the little blondie boy in your prayers, would you?  I was a smartie-butt and asked for a behaviour intervention plan (BIP) that would um... pretty much preclude the closet-locking on paper.  The flip side of it is that they would call me if things are out of control for too long... which is what I want but you know how that goes when you're at the doctor or whathaveyou.  Just hope it works out practically as well as on paper.  I know the teacher used to be Elf's kindergarten teacher and I like her so much.  She was so good with Elf.  And now to think she gets her very own little class of autistics each year.  Blessed!  We're all just blessed.

And by the way... I am soo proud of myself.  I found a way to get rid of the packing peanuts!  I shipped them out to some other chick!  Then it will be her problem what to do with them.

I. Am brilliant, I tell you!!  Squee!


  1. Yeah! Woodjie. You are reading just as well as David. I figure he will be 9 or 10 before he has the ability to focus his brain long enough to read a sentence.

    The last time we got cheese curl packing peanut thingies, they felt odd. So, I had to try. I put them in water. They dissolved within seconds. I don't know what they were made of.

    Oh, and when Ron and I got married, his cousins filled his car -- front and back seat -- with packing peanuts. They were higher than the window.

  2. Isn't Woodjie doing so well with his language!
    He's so cute. I'm glad he is going to have a lovely teacher.

  3. WHAT IS IT with sound effects??? Ben has been doing them for years, too. When he was a little older than Woodjie, we had a bowling party. He came home and did the ball hitting the lane, rolling, and striking the pins. It was so funny! If I ask him to do it today he does it exactly the same way...

    Good luck to Woodjie and his speaking and reading. It is exciting to read how he is growing!



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