14 April 2012

The Weather Song

I have about 50 half-sung songs still on my camera!  I finally had to go ahead and ruin the first part of the movie by shouting, "Now!" at her.  Forget the waving cues; she'd wave back.  Ha!  But Rose is very pleased and proud to be able to present this song to you today.  She and her little preschool friends sing it before they peek outside the front door to see what the weather is like that day.  I hope you enjoy it as much as she enjoyed being the star today.


  1. Oh, my GOODNESS! How do you not just eat her right up??!

    What a sweetheart! Great job singing, Rose!

  2. Ok, so my 5 children and I just watched this video like 10x over!!

    Nathan (8yrs) says: "Your child is adorable!"

    Annie (10yrs)says: "It was adorable, hilarious, and funny!"

    Titus (5yrs) Favorite part is: "Whaaaat is the weather..." btw...he is also singing his fave part over n over n over! (love it!)

    Asher (7yrs) says: "That was hilarious!"

    They all just absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her song!

    Thanks for sharing!

    the jones tribe :)

  3. way to go Rose!
    I love your song
    I'm going to show it to Hope
    and I love your green dress, very pretty
    lots of hugs from me and Hope


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