16 May 2012

Black Homeschooling Families Needed

We need lots of black volunteers to participate in a study about homeschooling.  We're concerned that parents are doing a crappy job and/or this might not be the best thing for the community.  You know, throughout the ages legislators and people in power have always done a really great job being able to tell what's best for black children.  But to do the best thing in our modern age we need data to back it up.  You go ahead and provide that... so we can lobby for stricter laws governing homeschooling... so we can ensure that all our children do well on their standardized tests... so bla bla let me run your life and empower you bla.

This makes perfect sense.

Warning:  before you click the link at the end of this paragraph, make sure you have no heavy throwable objects nearby.  (Tho' maybe you can handle it.  I mean, you already know that children need to be in a mostly white school to learn anything and also that social isolation makes your kids "retarded," don't you?)  Ok.  You've been warned.  Have fun.  :)


  1. My husband does a "Homeschool History" at his job, where he is the educational coordinator. Half the people who show up are AA. That "shocks" some liberals who think that all homeschoolers are Wonderbread Fundies.

    A bad school is a bad school, no matter what color you are. Ninety-nine percent of us do it for love of our kids. For me, it changed my son's future, for the better.

  2. Doesn't it just amaze you how some people think?!


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