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Rich Kid Gets Scholarship!

P. Diddy's son got a football scholarship!  They should take it away from him!  It isn't right that he gets anything because his father is rich!  No, wait!  He has smokin' hot moves on the playing field, but nevermind that or his high GPA from a good school; they only gave him the scholarship because P. Daddy has half a billion dollars and the college wants a new stadium!

No, wait!  They should evaluate the families of potential scholarship students and give ME the money instead, implies one student.   Because I actually have to work and take out loans like pretty much the rest of America.  Umm-kay

Now what if P. Diddy's kid got into the school because he's black and they gave a bit on his test scores?  How about we suppose that for a moment (not true so far as I know, but let's suppose)?  Nobody but a couple of white kids who didn't make the cut would be upset. Let the kid EARN something though, and notice only the black FEMALE student is complaining.  The white MEN, you know, the ones who would actually MIGHT have had a shot at actually competing with Bitty P. Diddy for this scholarship, admire the guy for his talent, say more power to him, and have moved on with their day.

Hm!   Ok, I don't know what to make of that.  I really don't.  What I really think is that it is a bit insensitive to encourage your child to take a scholarship like that if you happen to have a half-billion dollars, but what I also think?  Is that here is a young black male who is earning his way in the world already, and he's getting criticised for it because of who his dad is.  Which... I thought we were a bit beyond those days.  But maybe not.

What on earth to make of this news story, I have no clue.


  1. Also... "P. Diddy?" I've heard of "Bo Diddly" but not this "P. Diddy." Half a billion, huh? Hm.

  2. Okay, I totally SPIT out my tea reading Bitty P. Diddy!!

  3. P. Diddy, a.ka. Puff Daddy, a.k.a Puffy, A.K.A Sean Combs he has a few more names... I guess he fancies himself like Prince, or rather the artist formerly known as...

    But I digress.

    My family is not poor either. We are not rich either, just what we like to call comfortable. Interestingly enough, my son received merit scholarships based on his grades. They also told him he would get art scholarships, but the amount would not be divulged until after we did FAFSA. When they finished pointing and laughing as we don't qualify, they gave him a small gesture because we did not NEED scholarship.

    The difference I gather, is that Bitty Diddy's scholarship is in sports which is given much more regard than Art... plus Diddy probably told them to kiss it when they told him to fill out the FAFSA.

    Anyway, while on paper, we look like we don't need the scholarship money, we do. The economy had hurt out investments badly, and we have lost our college funds and home equity. This means college will come out of the same paycheck as the mortgage... it can only go so far.

    Soooo... I guess I am saying, that the kid's scholarship is between him and the school. How would these kids feel if their parents income was blasted all over the papers and they were judged based on it.

    Finally, it is a good thing that this kid is on scholarship. This way he will be obliged to get good grades or lose it. What Daddy ditty should do is let him know that if he loses the scholarship, he does not go to school... and he loses the fancy cars too. Accountability is a good thing.

    1. whew... sorry about the long-windedness, but this topic really caught hold of me.

  4. Ah, I hadn't even thought of the young man's PRIVACY when I blogged! I mean, sure, he's the son of a celebrity, but you're right: why are they telling us how much money P. Diddy has?? And why are we all so into giving musicians and sports players such big scholarships? You practically have to be a grandmaster to get one in chess.


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