14 May 2012

What You Need in Your Utility Room

Hi!  I'm the AT&T U-verse guy.  Lemme show you our latest brilliant and creative residential installation job!  I decided, "Why be normal and place expensive rental batteries away from water sources?" Yeah!  We're taking it a step further here at AT&T.  That idea of water and electricity not mixing?  Old-fashioned.You see, I noticed the customer tied this rickety shoe-rack to her water pipe with a piece of fabric to store her dryer sheets and lint shaver.  I took that idea a step further.  I'm figuring a large, expensive, rental battery can't be much heavier than that so I popped it right in there.  Go me!  Woot!

The sexxxy idea of wrapping electrical cords around pipes and popping in the "do not unplug under any circumstances" plug above the utility sink?  Mine.

Mmm.  More cords near pipes.  This one is from the washer.

I think running the cord to the outside of the house through the dryer vent is a brilliant idea on my part.  People only worry about fire hazards if they are total ninnies.

Ahh.  I'll bet you're wondering why I included a picture of the back yard.

It's because my awesomeness doesn't end in the house!  We'll have to bury this cord later, but meanwhile?  Why mark it so that meter readers don't trip?  I'm thinking that's about half the fun of it all.  Also fun is the idea of scheduling the burial date three weeks from now.  Conclusion?  AT&T U-verse installation rocks!



    Send your photos into to complaint department.... matter of fact, send the photos and the link to the blog post.

    I promise you, you will get a response. If you don't demand to break the contract cause this is CRAZY!

  2. I agree with Ahermitt! Send your blog link to the complaint dept. immediately! Infuriating to see THIS is supposed customer service!

  3. Wow! Occupational health and safety would have a field day going through that house.

  4. Ever tried Direct TV? I won't have anything to do with AT&T, even if I have to pay more for it. We don't need to eat that much, anyhow!

    Funny, because I was a loyal customer for years.


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