28 June 2012

Summer School Update.

So my tiny blondie boy can apparently take down a kid twice his size on the playground, sit on him, pummel him and rub his face in the dirt.  Here I had missed the school's phone call and was sad for Woodjie yesterday when he got off the bus that his knee was dirty and he didn't get his "lining up nicely after recess" sticker.  Not getting that sticker was really a big deal and Woodjie was pretty sad about it.  He also was telling me about the horror of having a dirty knee, very upsetting.  Not a word about the fight.

The school says "maybe they need to give Woodjie more support on the playground," which is a nice way of saying, "We cannot leave this kid alone for ONE STINKIN' MINUTE or he's going to run off or otherwise cause trouble."  Which.  I agree with.  I live with him. 

I love this little guy very much, but he can't tell us what started it all.  His speech isn't even very understandable to family.  I don't know.  The other kid could have said or done about anything before he got taken down.  Or it could have been a misunderstanding.  Or (unlikely) my kid coulda just decided it would be an interesting challenge to try to bully someone the size of a fifth grader.

I am into the autism acceptance thing and all that but realllly wish I could more fully communicate with Woodjie.  I don't know how to make him completely understand that this is not ok and to get an adult.  Maybe it doesn't matter because now?  He will be under constant supervision anyway.  Which.  I want.  But.  Wish I didn't have to want.


  1. I feel your pain, Mrs. C., I really do. Ben could never answer me "How was school?" until he was much older than most kids. It used to make me cry...people just didn't realize how much they take for granted their child's ability to communicate.

  2. Glad the school at least called, it's a step in the right direction. Better than never knowing what goes on...

    1. Also good? They didn't suspend him. Which, Emperor was supended twice in just the first week of kindergarten! Then he was homeschooled after that. Tired of it.

  3. If you were to ask Woodjie a direct question, such as "how did your knee get dirty?" or "what were you doing that made your knee get dirty?", would that help? Would he tell you about the events that led to the dirty knee?

  4. YOu do get frustrated with autistic kids don't you . They can often say things but not really tell you what happened or they focus on the unimportant to other people stuff. I read your earlier post about his school program and it makes you wonder.


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