10 July 2012

A Man's Home is His Garbage Dump

Some hoarder dude left a trash pile around... for decades... that is big enough to show up on Google Maps... and cops and social services have been back and forth with this guy "discussing" the problem and doing a "welfare check" occasionally.

Finally, the county is stepping in and the fellow shows up in court going, "I've been sick.  So lemme have some time to collect evidence and get a lawyer." 


But most comments on these sorts of stories sympathize with the hoarder.  He should have rights.  That's his stuff you're touching.  (Sure, it's full of rats, and is a health and fire hazard to everyone within a 5-mile radius, but it's his stuff.)  Bla. Bla. Bla.

See, I don't think so.  Weeds overgrowing a place that are consistently over a foot tall, or huuuge bunches of trash piled about the yard, means something needs to be done.  When things are way over the line we all think of as being in the "normal" range, and it's been that way for a while, something needs to be done.

And yet... around here?  The cops will look at the cars IN YOUR DRIVEWAY, and if the license plates are expired, you must have a junker car on your hands.  You get a citation.  Great source of revenue.

Or some other chick gets fined for growing tomatoes in her front lawn.  Sure, it's tacky and I think pretty ugly but hey.  Her land.  Why can't we all just be reasonable?  Huh?

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  1. My mother in law lives with her mice and their urine and feces because she refuses to clean it up or let anyone else touch it. They have nests all over her house. I'm afraid the mice turds are holding up the house. She can't even smell it, but it smells baaaad. When we go to visit, we just stay a day. Some family have refused to even go to the house, let alone let her cook a meal. I don't know what is wrong with her. She has always been a little like this, but since she's gotten older it's really bad. No wonder she is on oxygen.It's really just sad. I'm selfish enough to think, dang it woman, why leave all this crap for us to clean up when you are dead? I'm thinking a quick once over, and then a controlled burn. I'm off to see if I can see her yard on google maps. It's nothing like this guys home, though...It's immaculate by comparison. If I were the neighbors, I would sue. They have to be living with the rats that live there, too.


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