24 July 2012

Photos From the Kansas Open!

It's a real trial to get anything close to a REAL picture of these children...
This is my "I paid a billion dollars for this trip and I will have at least one good picture of you all so stand there and look happy or else" photo.  Look at Elf doing the "I hate standing here but I'm going to get it done so Mom is not mad" cringe.

Awww!  G was asleep on the other bed.  Over the weekend, the boys played in the Quick tournament as well as five games that can last up to four hours each.  We had a great vacation and we're home now.   I've crawled out from under the piles of laundry and vacuumed a room or two, even.  :)


  1. Awww...the picture of Elf and Emperor sleeping just totally melts my heart! So sweet!

    Glad you all had a good weekend!

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  3. hey. Where do I get a t-shirt with the Star Trek insignia?


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