15 August 2012

Product Recall: Bumbo Baby Seats

Before, the seats were recalled because there wasn't a warning label on the seat to prevent stupid parents from putting the chair on high countertops and wondering why the children fell.  Now, the seats have to be recalled because parents are too stupid to realize when their children are too thin for the chair and can fall out.


We've used our Bumbo and were happy with it.  In fact, all our children before the Bumbo couldn't sit up no matter what you did until the age of about 10 months.  With the Bumbo, you can pretend they have this skill. 

This was my thinnest child at 6 months.
As you might surmise from the picture of Woodjie Pumpkin, our children start out extremely fat.  The Bumbo was sooo perfect for Woodjie.  Only problem was, when you'd try to pick him up, the Bumbo would be stuck.  Woodjie and Rose actually stretched the Bumbo out a bit.  If they were thin and there was too much space in the chair, I wouldn't use it!

All children are different.  I wish all parents had some common sense, though...


  1. Interesting. The newer (recalled) seats even have belts. Ours didn't and the children were actually pretty difficult to get out.

  2. We love our Bumbo. Tristan has been in his since he was a wee one. But, I didn't put him in there and walk away when he was little. I played with him in there. He is big enough now that he gets stuck too!

  3. We never had a bumbo, but Ben was late sitting up, too. We thought it was because his brain was so big...ha! He did have a big head.

  4. I love the smile on that sweet face in that last photo! Precious!

  5. I just this second saw about the recall on the news. The recall involves issuing belts to all the Bumbo owners. They are still reminding parents to not place the Bumbos on counter tops and tables.

    Putting a child on a counter and walking away is about as brain dead as putting a child is a carseat carrier on the roof of the car and forgetting, then driving off. Crazy, but people still manage to do it.

  6. Wasn't he just a cute little chunk?!?! Love it!

    Sad parents need to be told something that should be common sense.

  7. she's so adorable in her killer chair
    I just heard about this and they were showing babies alone in the seat on table tops
    people really are so ridiculous

  8. You can't legislate common sense.


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