09 October 2012

Tattoo - It - Yourself!

A good tattoo can be very expensive.  Why spend that money on a professional when you can order your own "tattoo kit" from several different online retailers, including Amazon?  Just doodle away!  So cheap!

Could you imagine tattooing yourself and all your friends in the comfort of your very own home?  Right at the kitchen table? What could possibly go wrong?  I wonder who on earth thought marketing equipment like this to just anybody was a good idea... but apparently this is the new thing to do...

A simple google search reveals that already we have some... consequences from this sort of marketing.  One woman passed out drunk during her session, and so did her tattoo "artist."  This story ends up with a gas can, a house fire, and 20 years in the pokey...  Oh.  And a very bad tattoo.

Maybe you're not the drinking, carousing and housefire-setting type.  Maybe you just want a little income on the side by having a "tattoo party."  I think I am busy that night and can't attend.  Sorry.


  1. UGH!! I shouldn't have looked! But yes! You can buy NAVEL PIERCING KITS online as well!

    Off to buy stocks in antibiotic companies...

  2. Marissa does her own piercings... no kits needed. She just gets a big needle. She has done her nose, snake bites (bottom lip right and left side), tongue and, yes, her belly button. She used to cut and it would get her sent to a psychiatric inpatient for self harm behavior. Now, she still does stupid things and it is a form of self expression and art. The first time she did her tongue she was still at home and she got an infection. Thirty-five dollar co-pay to the doctor, plus $10 for the antibiotics later...

    I have a friend whose son has started doing tattoos and I wondered what kind of training and experience he had.

  3. Ha ha! I love your question, "What could possibly go wrong?"

  4. Tattoos? no thank you. Three of my kids have tattoos and that's enough without me joining in.

  5. Great, Mrs. C. I was really counting on you coming over. Way to ruin my party.

  6. I'm one of those weird people who have no tattoos and haven't even colored my hair. Fortunately, I'm getting "silver highlights" for free as I grow older! LOL

  7. What a stupid idea!
    The mind boggles at what some people could/would do with equipment like that.


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