15 October 2012

The Case of the Disappearing Sophomores

The "point" of this article could be just about anything.

One young lady was told that she was not to return to school as a sophomore. She's not likely to do well on the important test sophomores take in Texas.  Okayyy.  So then make her return to school as a freshman, get caught up, and totally ace the tests you need to take as a sophomore, right?  I mean, that is what MY parents would make me do.  Instead, no.  The mom "protested" this placement and now blames the school for her daughter's rotten choices in life.

Somehow having to retake a year in high school led to the kid dropping out, never getting a GED, becoming a welfare moocher and popping out three kids before the age of 21.

Riiiiiiight.  Please tell me these people are too lazy to vote as well.

Now the superintendent is under federal investigation and this school district's troubles are being called "by far the worst education scandal in the country" because he allegedly rigged who would be in which classes in such a way that many of the low-performers wouldn't be tested as sophomores.

Articles like this make me think schools should get bonuses or fines based on the individual student.  Wouldn't it make more sense for a public school student's progress to be tracked individually through the system rather than as a demographic group?

You'd think with all the nanny trash cams, individual RFID tracking systems and the like, that a simple system like this could be implemented.  I have to conclude educrats just think it's just so much more socially appropriate, and will lead to greater equality of educational outcomes, to label a child by his race, income and gender and then amalgamate the scores.  *eyeroll*

The fact is that no one was looking at the individual students in El Paso.   But yippee Skippy weren't those demographic groups doing nicely...


  1. ... and THAT'S why we homeschool. It was clear that the schools weren't expecting much from my kids.

    1. Apparently they don't expect much from large swaths of the demographic pie. It never ceases to amaze me that there are just so many different ways to be a racist pig. :/

  2. That's a load of horse hooey!
    I redid a year of high school, then finished school altogether at 15. Went out and got a job. Have never been a welfare moocher. married at 18, but didn't have kids until I was 20.

    This child doing so poorly in life is not the fault of the school at all!


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