09 November 2012

About Elf and G


Elfie has been home all week.  Coughing, headache, fever, really bad asthma symptoms.  I don't get why no one else has gotten sick, but he's been to the doctor twice and now has a Z-pack and an excuse note to stay away from school until Monday.

We've gone to the school about a zillion times (ok, twice) and gotten worksheets, books, looked for this and that.  He's been advised to study for his health exam; wasn't that nice of the teacher to email me that he was missing a test?

But Elf tells me that will be impossible.  Once his class was over, he just recycled his notes.  Being all eco-friendly and stuff.  Otherwise he would have just thrown them out.  Aaargh.

He feels a bit better and goes back to school on Monday.  He misses the routine and all the teachers are so sweet to him.  And I know they are tryyying to teach him organizational skills.


G has been walking on the side of his right foot instead of the bottom.   His right ankle was totally crushed awhile back and he had surgery to insert a metal bar and six screws there.  His orthopaedist says that the tendons are just traumatized and ordered six weeks of physical therapy.

Physical therapy, for those of you who don't know, is basically a program in which very old and infirm people learn things like "don't sit around all day" and "here is how to use a cane."  Many of the clients are a lesson to me that I should probably NOT gain about 300 more pounds.  G was a very unusual sight at their office.  I think it was a pleasant break for them to work with someone who is so physically able other than this one area.

The PT did not help, however, so we had to go back to the ortho.  He ordered a new brace which hopefully works.  And why did it have to be ordered?  Because they don't seem to carry anything in his size 14 foot handy.  :/

So here's hoping a new brace works a bit.  Not sure what the next step is if it doesn't but with his walking incorrectly he is at great risk of injuring himself pretty badly.  :/


  1. Ouch!
    I hope that the allergies are cured, organization skills are learned, and the walking braces work! Size 14 shoe... oh My!
    Give them all a hug for me.

  2. With no one else being sick, I'm inclined to think Elf's illness is allergy related. Something in the air perhaps? I myself have a very bronchial cough following a few days of aches and fever, all hayfever/asthma related because the pollen counts are very high this year.

    I need to learn that "don't sit around all day lesson too".

    1. Not you! I don't think you are near 600 pounds, quite. Literally you couldn't walk down the hall at the same time as these people.

      But you might be right about Elf! It's just him fighting this right now.

  3. Okay...I watch too much t.v., but they had a young man who thought he had asthma but it turns out he had some type of viral infection in his bronchial tubes. They had treated him for asthma his whole life and at age 16 or so, they figured it out.

    Figured you didn't have enough to worry about without me bringing up "what I saw on t.v.". Anyhow...

    I had a friend with asthma. It is a very serious disease. Hope Elf gets to feeling better soon.

    In regards to G, wow...hope that gets cleared up, too. Sounds painful.


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