14 November 2012

Seceding From the Union

So a lot of people in certain states would sure like to secede.  In this technological age, they decide not to do the normal thing whereby they stockpile weapons, hold secret meetings, figure out who their leaders are and start to make a battle plan and all that.

Nope.  They go right onto the government's website and sign a petition about it.  That will work.  I'm sorry, but how lazy can you get.  People want to vote by email and now I guess they want revolution at the click of a mouse as well. 

Now the government doesn't have to worry about all that effort with counter-insurgency and whatnot.  Just print out the list and go. 

So easy!

Don't even tell me that this whole thing has absolutely zero to do with the fact that a black man is president.  Because you know what?  No-one would be saying this stuff about Jimmy Carter if he were re-elected.  I remember comments about Jimmy Carter being a peanut when I was a kid, but that's about as nasty as it got.

Anyway.  The dorkiness on the other side that we should just let those Southerners go because they eat up our federal tax dollars is just hooey, too.  Because really?  Do these Southerners get full say in where their tax dollars are going?  Suppose (just suppose) they don't want the money for x but would rather spend it all on y?  Too bad.  The feds grab all the money and redistribute it however they (read: New York and California mostly) feel.  It would be akin to desperately needing rent money, but Grandma just bought you a cashmere sweater instead.  Thanks.


  1. If my state secedes (which won't happen), I'm going back to NY. And yeah, I feel strongly that this crap wouldn't be happening if say... Hillary was president... or would it?

    Neither party is right, but all this pouting and stomping makes me want to spit.... or slap someone.

  2. What's goofy is I could vote for Texas to secede. I'm in Georgia. I'm not so sure we really want New Jersey...as a former Nebraskan, maybe we should try to get rid of Oklahoma (football battleground from the past). And are Californians really "real Americans"? Hmmm...such power.

    I do hate the Civil War talk. In one hundred fifty yeara, you would think we would be beyond that. Senator Lyndsey Graham of South Carolina, who I voted for, even though he was a Republican (which is kind of like a sin against my family)...said that the Republicans would not win this presidential election as there were not enough "angry white men" in August. Those angry white men are banging their drums and tooting their horns in order to appear larger in number than they are. It's just sad.

    1. Texas is big enough to be its own country! New Jersey, not so much. Unless it's one of those bitty European countries. I guess that would work.


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