18 November 2012

Woodjie Pumpkin!

Woodjie is helping to make chocolate pretzel treats this year.  Later I hope he will be able to make the sugar cookies.  Of course, being allergic to milk and eggs, he can eat neither.   Woodjie is perfectly happy with Oreos for special occasions.


  1. Oreos trump all desserts anyway.

  2. Clever wee man helping with the baking... and there is nothing wrong with Oreos! I don't think I've had any !

  3. Do Oreos not have milk or eggs? I thought all cookies had one or the other or both.

    1. Nope, Oreos don't. Bunches of trans-fats and bad stuff, but no milk or eggs. They are "cookies" insofar as they have a cookie SHAPE and are sweet. :)

      Also Hunt's Lemon pudding. It has MADE WITH REAL MILK plastered all over the label with a tiny star and print that says "except for lemon." No milk in lemon pudding, at least that brand.

  4. Awww...he's a cute helper, and what a doll to make something he cannot eat and not care. You've got a sweetheart right there!

  5. Aww! He is so cute! I love chocolate pretzels!


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